Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT ® Praised for Powerful Enterprise Modeling and Integration Capabilities by the Butler Group

- Should be on an Organization’s “Short List” for Enterprise Modeling Tools -

Malmö, SWEDEN – February 9, 2006 – Telelogic, the leading provider of software solutions that align advanced systems and software development with business objectives, today announced that Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT earned high marks for enterprise modeling and integration capabilities in the December 2005 Butler Group’s “Technology Audit, Integration and BPM” authored by analyst Mark Blowers. Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT is a Telelogic lifecycle tool used by organizations worldwide to design, visualize and analyze business models and enterprise architectures. With one powerful tool, the relationships between the diverse business relationships of technology, processes and data can be visualized and traced back to their original sources. As a result, organizations can more quickly understand, analyze and take firm action on ever-changing technology and business issues that have the potential to affect their business. The Technology Audit states: “Butler Group believes it would be unwise to embark on Enterprise Architecture, BPM, or system design without assistance from a modelling tool specifically designed for the purpose. In addition, a central repository is vital to provide a common information source for everyone involved with modelling, also important is the ability to base the process on a framework and customise the models to fit each organisation’s own situation. SYSTEM ARCHITECT meets these criteria, making it a tool that should be on an organisation’s short list when selecting a modelling tool to document the whole enterprise.” Blowers also called out some of the key strengths of SYSTEM ARCHITECT, including:  “Fully integrated modelling environment”  “Support for industry standards and frameworks”  “Scalability and configuration management” The Technology Audit also focused on the benefits of SYSTEM ARCHITECT’s adaptability and ease of use as opposed to previous generations of modeling software: “In the past one of the main criticisms of modelling software was the inability to easily extract information in useful and meaningful formats. This is addressed within SYSTEM ARCHITECT by using the in-built publishing functionality with HTML generator or where more sophistication is required with SA Information Web Publisher, facilitating Web output and analytics capability built from complex queries of the repository.” “The adoption of industry standards, the provision of multiple diagramming techniques and modelling methods, and the integration of frameworks makes the tool very adaptable and capable of meeting the needs of different users. Anyone wishing to create a business model and subsequent logical and physical representations of the enterprise would benefit from the use of SYSTEM ARCHITECT.” “Telelogic is very proud that the Butler Group has recognized the unique strengths of Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT for enterprise modeling,” said Anders Lidbeck, Telelogic’s CEO. “This extremely favorable analysis also strongly validates Telelogic’s success in raising the bar for enterprise architecture and business process modeling by integrating System Architect with other Telelogic lifecycle tools, including Telelogic DOORS® and Telelogic TAU® G2. Most of all, it validates Telelogic’s commitment to helping our customers ensure that IT is always aligned with business needs.” For a limited time, complimentary copies of the Butler Group Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT Technology Audit can be downloaded at: About the Butler Group Butler Group is the premier European provider of Information Technology research, analysis, and advice. Butler Group provides a comprehensive portfolio of Research, Events, and Subscription Services, catering for the specialized needs of all levels of executive, from IT professionals to senior managers and board directors.

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