Telelogic Upgrades Industry-Leading Change Request Management Tool

Telelogic Upgrades Industry-Leading Change Request Management Tool - Telelogic ChangeSynergytm 4.1 Enhancements Enable Expansion of Change Request Management to the Enterprise - MALMÖ, Sweden and IRVINE, California - November 7, 2001 - Telelogic, (Stockholm Exchange: TLOG), the leading global provider of solutions for advanced software and systems development, announced today the release of Telelogic ChangeSynergy 4.1. New features and functionality contained in the upgrade have significantly increased scalability and performance, while simplifying usage and administration. Acquired by Telelogic from Continuus Software in December 2000, ChangeSynergy is the only change request management solution to provide end-to-end visibility of any type of change by automating the interactions between people and processes. ChangeSynergy's unique capabilities extend beyond simple change request tracking to problem, defect, and requirements management. Entire organizations, partners and customers can take advantage of the powerful reporting functions that were previously limited to development teams. These capabilities help organizations improve communications leading to improved product quality, reduced time-to-market and the elimination of manual, error-prone process. Leading companies and organizations worldwide use this browser-based tool to simplify the change request management process, enabling them to better respond to changes from both outside and inside sources. "To work effectively in today's fast paced, ever-changing application development environment, an automated tool like ChangeSynergy is essential," said Bill Philbin, senior vice president for Telelogic's global product development operations. "This latest version provides enterprise scalability, extending the change request management capabilities beyond the traditional bounds of development teams. End- users, stakeholders, partners and remote portions of the organization can all communicate and work as a virtual team regardless of their locations" ChangeSynergy 4.1 Enhancements ChangeSynergy 4.1 includes a wide range of feature enhancements, including: · Scalable Architecture - One ChangeSynergy installation on a server class machine now accommodates several hundreds of simultaneous users. Additionally it provides a scalable architecture allowing distributed processes on several machines, therefore providing ways to scale to several thousands of simultaneous sessions and /or optimize existing customer resources. · Easy Server Administration - One ChangeSynergy installation interfaces with multiple databases, making deployment clean and efficient since only one Web server has to be maintained. New databases can easily be added in the admin screen within seconds. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) support makes it easy to deploy ChangeSynergy beyond the boundaries of the development team making it possible for new users to begin using ChangeSynergy almost instantly. For added convenience, ChangeSynergy is shipped with an embedded high performance LDAP server. · Customized Interfaces - Users can now add new roles and define customized interfaces for theses roles directly from the Graphical User Interface (GUI) over the Web. A custom interface can be created in minutes and tailored to a specific role, including writer, customer, project manager or developer. · Full Text Search Capabilities - The Web-like search engine enables users to search on change requests, tasks, or both, as well as search across multiple databases. Links on the search results provide instant access to change request information. · Secure Environment Support - ChangeSynergy 4.1 can be installed in secure environments and passwords are now transferred encrypted for added protection. Integration with CM Synergy® ChangeSynergy has been tightly integrated with Telelogic CM Synergy, the only automated change and configuration management solution that enables companies to manage change throughout the product development lifecycle. CM Synergy was named the most advanced change and configuration management system on the market by Yphise in its November 2000 industry report. "A single integrated platform provides development teams immediate ease of access and administration. Yielding faster 'time to benefit' than other loosely or non-integrated solutions," said Philbin. "With the recent upgrade to CM Synergy, version 6.2 these advantages are even more pronounced." Availability and Platform Support Telelogic ChangeSynergy 4.1 is available immediately on HP-UX 11 and 11i (32 and 64 Bit), Solaris 2.7 and 2.8, Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, and Windows 2000 SP2. Web clients of ChangeSynergy have been certified with Internet Explorer 5.5 on Windows Systems and Netscape Browser 4.7 on Windows and Unix Systems. About Telelogic Founded in 1983, Telelogic ( is the leading global provider of solutions that enable advanced software and systems development. The company's automated application lifecycle solution includes integrated best-in-class software and professional services for requirements management, change and configuration management, development, testing, and documentation. Telelogic enables organizations to improve quality and predictability, while reducing time-to-market and overall costs in software development. Built on an open architecture that ensures interoperability with other leading third party solutions, Telelogic's products are based on international standardized languages and notations. Telelogic participates in 3GPP, Bluetooth SIG and OMG to create future communication technologies and visual software development languages and methods. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden the company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Customers include Airbus, Alcatel, BMW, Boeing, BT, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Philips and Siemens. ### Contact Europe/Asia Contact Americas Ingemar Ljungdahl Michael E. Donner CTO VP, Marketing and Communications Telelogic AB Telelogic Americas Phone: +46 40-17 47 01 Phone: +1 (949) 885 2496 Fax: +46 40 17 47 47 Fax: +1 (949) 885 2555 E-mail: E-mail: Telelogic, Telelogic DOORS, Telelogic Tau and Telelogic Synergy are registered trademarks of Telelogic AB. 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