Immediate Access to Doctors, Anytime, Anywhere

RingADoc’s new service aims to answer lingering questions left by healthcare reform

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – November 2, 2010 – With RingADoc’s new service, patients can connect to doctors immediately, from any location, at any time using the telephone. This announcement comes on the heels of significant overhaul to America’s healthcare system.

Though the recent work in Congress shows a strong attempt to fix present issues, everyone can agree that the healthcare system is headed for further challenges and complications.

Experts anticipate that an increase in new patients, from the 32 million uninsured Americans to retiring Baby Boomers, will further stress the already present doctor shortage. Additionally, with only one medical school built from 1980 to 2000 and only a few expected for construction, America is unable to expand the same quality of health care to these new customers.

RingADoc has a solution to these issues remaining in American healthcare. Through their pioneering phone service, patients can immediately contact a doctor at any time, from any location. From there the physician can give information, provide referrals, or prescribe treatment, all from a remote location, all for the same low cost. This service saves patients time and money, allows doctors to reach more patients, and will also help the government address the growing concerns left behind by healthcare reform in a cost-effective manner.

RingADoc has already garnered the attention of Telehealth industry leaders. The company was selected to demonstrate its groundbreaking service as a part of Launch! at the annual Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco on October 7 - 8, 2010. Launch! gives 10 innovative companies the opportunity to take the stage and deliver a brief demonstration of their new products and services to the Health 2.0 community. As one of the only companies that provides immediate, low cost healthcare directly to the consumer, RingADoc received a very positive reaction from conference attendees.   

Along with providing answers to medical questions over the phone, the RingADoc team will be lending its knowledge to the Yahoo! Answers Community. RingADoc will be featured as a Yahoo! Answers knowledge partner and will be providing answers to commonly asked questions about symptoms, diseases, illnesses, and other medical questions.



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