Here are the finalists of the Children’s Climate Prize 2017

What does an inventor from Tanzania, a jewelry designer from Kenya and two UN speakers from Bali have in common?

They are all under 18 years old and have found new smart ways to reduce the environmental impact of plastics. They are also among the finalists of the Children’s Climate Prize 2017.

This year the jury had difficulties to agree on choosing only five finalists. The nominations were many and of very high quality, so the jury decided to increase the lineup with yet another finalist, making them six finalists. Chairman of the jury, Johan Kuylenstierna from the Stockholm Environment Institute, says that he was amazed of the ingenuity and commitment of the contributions:

”It is easy to feel despair when following the news these days, but looking at these young heroes from around the world, ready to take lead for transition, you find both hope and inspiration!”

Several of this year’s finalists have a connection to plastic waste recycling.

”Plastic waste is a major global problem, especially in the oceans. Other finalists have taken on other kinds of climate related issues, working for sustainable school meals and climate-science vs. opinion”, says Johan Kuylenstierna.

On November 13, the winner of the Children’s Climate Prize will be presented, and on November 22th, the award ceremony and gala dinner will be held at Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje, Sweden where last year’s prize winner Xiutezcatl Martinez also will attend.

The finalists of Children's Climate Prize 2017 with jury motivations:
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Melati and Isabel Wijsen, Indonesia, Bye Bye Plastic Bags

In a short period of time, Melati and Isabel have raised global awareness for the environmental impact of plastic waste in our oceans. With a clear message and strong actions their initiative, Bye Bye Plastic Bags now is a phenomenon with an outreach far beyond the island of Bali. Their patience, persistence and performance serve as both inspiration and proof of young leadership for a sustainable climate and environment in a time when it’s most needed."

Edgar Edmund TarimoGreen, Tanzania, Venture Recycles

With a minimum of resources, Edgar has shown great entrepreneurship in the creation of Green Venture Recycles. With astounding knowledge and a marvel of creativity he has shown how plastic bags can be transformed into durable building blocks through a cheap and sustainable process. The jury is full of admiration of his solutions and see great potential for scaling up and further developing his methods. With his invention, Edgar has made a great contribution locally in his area, and in the long run an admiring effort also for the environment and climate on a global scale.”

Lila Copeland, USA, Earth Peace

Lila's campaign for veganism and plant-based meals in school is bold, inspiring and worthy of admiration. Meat and dairy products affect the climate as much as all the world's cars, buses, boats and airplanes together. Still, our diets is mostly based on old traditions and much of a no-go zone for decision makers. Lilas vegan campaign has challenged the traditional school system in a meat loving part of the world, and managed to put plant based dishes on the regular menues.”

Distilla’Sun, France

“Education at its best, with strong leadership and a strong team of efforts, Destilla Sun has shown that history and tradition can take us into the future with sustainable solutions for water purification. By looking back we sometimes get the answers for how to move forward.”

Michelle Muthoni, Kenya

“Michelle has taken recycling to a new level, with great ingenuity and creativity. With her ability to make beautiful and useful things out of what most consider as trash and garbage, she’s constantly contributing with a growing collection of sustainable accessories."

Jeremy Clark and Charlie Abrams, USA

At a time when facts increasingly are interpreted and treated as opinions, Charlie and Jeremy dare to stand up for scientific knowledge, determined to educate their generation on the pressing climate issue. Through their blog Two green leaves, they’ve made real impact in both media and at state capital, so that today 80 public schools in Portland are required to treat climate change as science and not opinions.”

The jury  - Children's Climate Prize 2017:

Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute

Micael Dahlén, economist, author and rock star Professor of Economics

Katarina Mohlin, Head of Communications at if

Juhán Niila Stålka, WWF Sweden Youth

Soledad Piñero Misa, Retoy and Social Mission Manager at Ben & Jerrys Nordic

Youth representatives from France, the USA and New Zealand, along with students from the Blombackaskolan School


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About Children's Climate Prize The Children's Climate Prize is awarded to a child or young person who has done something extraordinary for the climate and the environment. The prize was established in 2016 to highlight another perspective on the climate issue, recognizing that it is children’s futureat stake and that their voices are important and deserve to be heard. Telge Energi initiated the prize and actively engages in the transition to a sustainable societyby exclusively working with renewable energy.But we need to do more than that.



It is easy to feel despair when following the news these days, but looking at these young heroes from around the world, ready to take lead for transition, you find both hope and inspiration!
Chairman of the jury, Johan Kuylenstierna from the Stockholm Environment Institute