Edgar's innovations are brilliant and good example on how to combine climate responsibility while at the same time contributing to a positive development, for his own part as for society at large
Johan Kuylenstierna, chairman of the Children's Climate Prize jury
It is easy to feel despair when following the news these days, but looking at these young heroes from around the world, ready to take lead for transition, you find both hope and inspiration!
Chairman of the jury, Johan Kuylenstierna from the Stockholm Environment Institute
We are so happy and genuinely proud to see Xiuhtezcatl in Södertälje again for this occasion
Mats Fagerström, CEO at Telge Energi and initiator of the prize
I'm not trying to get more followers, I try to inspire more young leaders, get more people to use their voice and their passion so that we can all work together to improve the world.
Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez
We initiated the Children's Climate Prize to highlight the climate crisis in a more hopeful and positive context, and this year's winner, Xiuhtezcatl, does just that. A true role model and inspiration to all of us, children and adults.
Mats Fagerström, CEO of Telge Energi
When dealing with environmental and climate research, it is important to always consider different perspectives. It is important to pay attention to children's and young people's efforts in environmental issues. That’s why I am looking forward to the task of leading the work of the jury in the hunt for the next big climate hero.
Johan Kuylenstierna, Stockholm Environment Institute and chairman of Children's Climate Prize jury 2016
There is no Nobel Prize for the Environment and Climate Research and that is remarkable and therefore we want the Children's Climate Prize to engage and inspire the next generation to greatness.
Mats Fagerström, CEO, Telge Energi