Telia meets UMTS requirements by wide margin

Telia meets UMTS requirements by wide margin A technical analysis performed in response to the December 16 decision of the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) to not approve Telia's application for a UMTS licence. Telia's analysis shows that Telia meets the PTS' requirements by a wide margin. There is therefore no reason for Telia to revise its originally proposed concept: a nation-wide UMTS network of high-quality can be built in Sweden utilising 4,100 radio base stations during the first years. This opinion is grounded on the fact that several base stations always operate together in cellular networks - they overlap each other - to provide substantially increased coverage and signal strength, which also reduces the number of base stations required in a network. The overlapping occurs independent of the number of base stations both in city areas and rural areas. Telia's technical review also shows that additional benefits can be gained by carefully planning and skilfully positioning the base stations, and by fully utilising the effective antenna height. Telia has effective antenna heights of up to 400 meters. The height of antennas on the Continent are normally 15 meters. In Telia´s UMTS- application the combined effect of overlapping and antenna height hasn´t been utilised to its full effect. Telia´s calculation therefore meets the technical requirements in the application to PTS by a wide margin. For further information journalists can contact: Telia's Press Service, phone +46 8 713 58 30 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: