Notice of extraordinary meeting of shareholders in Teligent AB (PUBL)

Notice of extraordinary meeting of shareholders in Teligent AB (PUBL) The shareholders in Teligent AB (publ) ("the Company") are hereby notified of an extraordinary meeting of shareholders to be held on Tuesday, 8 April 2003, at 6 pm (after the annualy meeting of shareholders) at the Quality Globe Hotel, Arenaslingan 7, Stockholm- Globen. Note: Shareholders intending to participate in this extraordinary meeting of shareholders must be registered in the manner stated below and should note that registration to participate in the Company's annual general meeting of shareholders, which is to beheld at 5 pm, does not imply that shareholders are also registered to attend the extraordinary meeting of shareholders. Right to participate In order to be entitled participate in the meeting shareholders shall -- be recorded in the register of shareholders at VPC AB ("VPC") Swedish Central Securities Depository) by Friday, 28 March 2003. -- no later than 4 pm, Friday, 4 April 2003, have registered their participation or representation to Teligent, either in writing to, Teligent AB, Investor Relations, Box 213, 149 23 Nynäshamn; via facsimile 08-520 193 36, via e-post or via telephone 08- 520 660 00, stating their complete name, address, personal identity number or corporate identity number, telephone number during working hours and, where applicable, details regarding deputies, representatives and assistants. In order to facilitate the registration of participates when they arrive to attend the meeting, the applications should include, as appropriate, proxies, certificates of incorporation and other authorizations. Shareholders whose shares are administered by a nominee must, in order to have the right to participate in the general meeting, request that their shares be temporarily registered with VPC AB under their own names. Shareholders who wish to be registered must inform their nominees before 28 March 2003, in order that the registration can be executed in time. The Board of Director's complete proposal according to point 6 and documents according to the Swedish Companies Act (1975:1385) Chapter 4 Section 4, will be available at the Company's offices at Arenavägen 29, Stockholm-Globen from and beginning Tuesday, 1 April 2003, and will be sent out, after that date, to shareholders requesting that copies be sent to them and who provide their postal address. All of the above- mentioned documents will also be available at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders. Agenda 1. Presentation and approval of voting list. 2. Election of the Chairman of the meeting. 3. Presentation and adoption of the agenda. 4. Election of one or two members to verify the minutes. 5. Determination if the meeting had been properly convened. 6. Resolution on the redemption of shares and decrease in share capital and share premium reserve. 6. Resolution on the redemption of shares and decrease in share capital and share premium reserve The Board of Directors proposes that the extraordinary meeting of shareholders resolves to decrease the Company's share capital by an a maximum amount of SEK 397,214.70 (including outstanding option programmes), and that the Company's share premium reserve is decreased by SEK 343,402,732 (on the premise that the annual general meeting of shareholders resolves to cover the total losses for 2002, in the amount of SEK 62,984,730) so that the share premium reserve after the decrease amounts to SEK 391,083. As regards the decreases mentioned above, the decrease in share capital shall take place for the purpose of payment to shareholders and the decrease in share premium reserve will take place, partly as a premium according to the above-mentioned, and partly, as regards the remaining portion, as a provision to un-restricted reserves on the basis of a resolution of the meeting of shareholders. The decrease in share capital shall take place on the basis of a redemption of a maximum of 3,972,147 shares, for which each redeemed share will be assigned a nominal value of SEK 0.10 (amount of decrease). In addition, a premium of SEK 19.90 shall be assigned to each redeemed share, implying a total of SEK 20 per redeemed share (that is, redemption amount). Each share in the Company will entitle the holder to one redemption right and the shareholder shall be entitled to redeem one share for every five redemption rights. The proposed record day for determining the right to receive redemption rights is 11 April 2003. The court must provide its approval in order that the resolution to decrease share capital and the share premium reserve can be considered to be valid. Nynäshamn, March 2003 Board of Directors ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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Teligent develops, markets and sells advanced value added services for telecommunications networks. The services and applications provided by the company are based on the generic service development platform, the Teligent P90/E. Teligent's solutions are currently utilised by leading telecom operators, for example AT&T Wireless, BT, Cingular, Maroc Telecom, T-Mobile USA, Telefónica, Tele2, Telia and members of the Vodafone group. Teligent was founded in 1990 and has been listed on the Stockholmsbörsen (the Stockholm Stock Exchange) since 1999. With offices throughout the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Middle East as well as international partnerships, the company combine global reach with expertise in local market requirements. For further information please visit


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