TREND: Faux Fur

​New fashion trend out there: Faux Fur, for everyone

This autumn fashion holds a trend which even those with a budget can indulge in. Faux fur is on the up rise and with so many high end designers using it, authentic fur doesn't stand a chance. But why are so many people starting to substitute their fur for the faux?

Supporters of fur clothing have often argued that fur provides a warmth and comfort which faux fur and other fabrics fail to deliver. However, developments in faux fur over the past 60 years mean that it is now pretty much identical in appearance and texture to the real deal.

High quality faux fur is also made of acrylic fibres which hold advantages real fur doesn't. For example its lightweight and soft whereas real fur might be rough, thick and heavy. As a result of this many iconic fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren and Armani have started incorporating faux fur into their designs.

Not only have many fashion brands converted to using faux fur, a number of celebrities have also been spotted modelling the latest faux fur items as well. A few years ago wearing faux fur was considered to be tacky or cheap but now it is the latest must have for every winter wardrobe.

Real fur is still often seen as a reflection of status and is said to give the wearer an aura of power and popularity. Consequently it has been a long process for faux fur to become a substitute for the real thing and still has a way to go.

In today's media, celebrities have a lot of responsibility as role models. Due to this, celebrities such as Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham are supporting the faux fur and are trying to show that the mistreatment of wildlife to give stars that “Hollywood Glamour” just isn't ethical.

Faux fur is not only a more ethical substitute for real fur but it is also a cheaper option as well, which means the high end fur look is available for anyone to achieve.

Recessionistas have made it cool to be thrifty and they’ve done this with faux fur so we can get the glam look for a fraction of the price.

Although the real fur fashion is viewed as a timeless classic, it better watch out as faux fur is increasingly on the up rise as it continues to improve over the years. So as the colder weather creeps in, invest in the fabulous faux.

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