Radio Deejay now broadcasts digital radio

The web radio channel, Radio Deejay, is now transmitting digital broadcasts in the terrestrial network in Stockholm. The broadcasts are part of a coming digital radio pilot project.

"We are looking forward to the pilot project and the future digitalization of radio. With digital radio, we will be able to reach out to even more listeners and do so with perfect sound quality," says Niklas Ehring at Radio Deejay. The pilot project is a cooperative effort between the program companies and Teracom. The objective is to discover what the listeners who are participating in the pilot project think about the expanded content and additional services provided by digital radio. The pilot project will also enable program companies to evaluate quality, content, and services before a future widespread launch of digital radio, where public service, local radio and commercial channels can all be allocated space. The technology that will be used is DAB+. More channels being broadcast Radio Deejay's digital radio broadcasts from the Nacka transmitter in Stockholm are now underway. Once the pilot project begins, broadcasts will, in addition to the greater Stockholm region, also take place in Gävle and Uppsala. It will be possible for these broadcasts to be received by the listeners who have been selected to participate in the pilot project. "The pilot project will contain a selection of items, such as public service, local radio and commercial radio. We want to demonstrate how it is possible to have a much larger and more diverse selection of genuine radio, compared to how things currently are in Sweden," says Lennart Ivarsson, Head of Communications at Teracom. At present, MTG Radio and Sveriges Radio are also broadcasting in the digital radio network to the Stockholm area. During the fall, more channels will join the pilot project. Radio Deejay Radio Deejay is Sweden's New Dance Station, sending the latest dance hits around the clock and without any commercials. ( For more information, please contact: Lotta Darlin, press officer at Teracom, +46 (0) 708 91 21 07 Niklas Ehring, +46 (0) 733 60 30 00,


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