TerraNet and Mapillary partner up around Vehicle2Vehicle communication and active safety

TerraNet and Mapillary have initiated a partnership to develop and promote new smart vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) features for the automotive industry. By combining TerraNet's unique software for positioning and intelligent machine-to-machine communication in offline mode with Mapillary's base of real time, street-level imagery, the companies are expected to provide new solutions to a fast-growing market within automotive addressing both active safety and self-driving cars which provides high growth potential for both companies.

Mapillary has developed a technology to upload, visualize and spread real-time images to enhance maps and experiences and to automatically detect events. The technology also enables virtual inspections and surveys of sites and areas hard to reach. www.mapillary.com

TerraNet offers mesh technology for, among other things, vehicle communication with positioning and collision warning applications for active safety within automotive. Active safety includes the systems that actively engage in helping drivers in critical traffic situations, helping to avoid accidents, while passive safety systems protect passengers in an accident. Passive safety includes safety belts and airbags. www.terranet.se

For further information, please contact:

Pär-Olof Johannesson, CEO

+ 46 70 332 32 62

About TerraNet

TerraNet delivers a unique patented software technology that enables intelligent machine-to-machine communication and streaming of data, including broadband demanding HD media, regardless of mobile networks or other hot spot-dependent networks. TerraNet has its head office in Lund, Sweden, with established sales and marketing agents in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, India, and Taipei, Taiwan.




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