TerraNet receives order from Alfa Laval for increased efficiency through off-line technology

TerraNet and Alfa Laval have today entered into a cooperation to develop innovative solutions for Alfa Laval’s product and service catalogue, using TerraNet’s off-line software platform to decrease infrastructure costs, improve performance monitoring and enable new business models for Alfa Laval clients.

The initial order has a value of SEK 400 000 for the purpose to design commercially viable use cases, producing hardware and software demos and build client cases for Alfa Laval. Possible client cases include the segments of Marine, Agriculture and Industry 4.0. The project is the start to build prototypes for a long-term licensing agreement.

TerraNet has during springtime 2017 shown groundbreaking results in demonstrating its patented software for off-line communication, with no connection to radio networks or satellites. Features interesting for this order includes;

-   Streaming of high definition video in off-line mode

-   forwarding sensor data with uniquely optimized, multi hop technology
    (also around corners)

-   fast positioning of objects, outdoor and indoors

“We see great opportunities to optimize processes and making intelligent use of collected performance data, with this off-line, sensor based technology”, says Jan Ackalin, Head of Automation, Development & Connectivity Competence Centre, Alfa Laval Copenhagen.

Alfa Laval is a global leader in several of the industry segments were TerraNet has set its strategy for Industrial IoT.

“It´s very important to figure out the business potential for Alfa Laval and their clients using our unique software. We are especially intrigued by the great interest and openness for this tech of the future that our client has shown”, says Mats Lindblad, SVP Business Area, Industrial IoT at TerraNet, and continues, "We see a great potential for our intelligent software for offline connectivity for industrial applications, increasing efficiency and reducing down-time for example, thus enabling potentially new business models”.

For more information contact:

Pär-Olof Johannesson, CEO
+ 46 70 742 50 18

TerraNet delivers a unique patented software technology that enables intelligent machine-to-machine communication and streaming of data, including broadband demanding HD media, regardless of any mobile network or other hot spot-dependent networks. TerraNet is headquartered in Lund, Sweden with established sales and marketing agents in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, India, and Taipei, Taiwan. TerraNet Holding AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier.

FNCA Sweden AB is the Certified Adviser to TerraNet Holding AB (publ).



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