Press Release: Composite hose innovation and expertise on display at StocExpo

Global leader in composite hose technology, Dantec, will be launching a number of exciting new products and services at StocExpo 2015.

As part of a global drive to increase site safety and to better serve end user customers, for the rest of 2015 Dantec will be offering a free hose health checking service for all customers. There is no obligation to purchase and users do not need to already have Dantec products on site. They simply need to contact the company with the details of their Tank Terminal/Chemical Plant/Storage Facility and a local distributor will be in contact with more details within 48 hours.

Dantec are also trying to raise awareness of the serious negative implications of an oil spill. Forecourt spills can cost 10,000 Euros to clean up, with downtime potentially costing ten times that amount where a ship can't offload its cargo. Add to that the negative environmental consequences and massive legal costs and there are plenty of reasons to ensure this risk is kept to an absolute minimum. Dantec can help mitigate the possibility of oil spills through ensuring highest possible quality of hose supply, timely hose replacement and management of regular hose inspections.

Dantec will also be continuing the safety theme with their Firesafe VRS hose technology which will again be displayed at StocExpo. The company has recently introduced an in fuel transfer application with its fire-safe vapour release system (VRS). A Formula One trusted supplier for over 15 years, Dantec is renowned for producing specialist, retardant and extensively developed solutions for fire sensitive environments. Fire-safe VRS has been independently approved by the British Government Department of the Environment, Fire Research Station and also the Swedish Fire Service.

 This ground-breaking technology utilises a series of non-asbestos barriers to achieve outstanding fire slowing performance. Vapour is released gradually in a much more controlled way, therefore providing an early warning signal unlike other hoses in order to prevent a sudden catastrophic failure. Sales Director Jon Loach commented “feedback from our clients shows that safety is the number one consideration in specifying hose products for fuel and chemical transfer. Fire-safe VRS certifies total maximum protection for our client assets whilst transferring fuel and a range of other aggressive hazardous fluids.”

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Notes to the editor

Dantec is a world leader in composite hose technology, applying more than 40 years of manufacturing and technical excellence to deliver solutions to a global distribution and support network spread across more than 50 countries. A Formula One trusted supplier for more than 15 years, Dantec is renowned for having the ultimate range of fire safe and durable composite hose solutions.

Our innovative products cover all types of bespoke Petrochemical, Marine and Industrial applications including fluid transfer of petroleum and chemicals, cryogenic hose for liquid gas transfer, fluoropolymer hose for the transfer of aggressive acids, biofuels, vapour hose for hydrocarbon products and special construction hose.

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