Textbroker Content Map Q4/2015

Las Vegas, NV – January 21, 2016 – Which type of content is most popular where? The Textbroker Content Map shows the most popular type of content during the last quarter of 2015 for each country that Textbroker offers its services.

Clients in 9 of the 10 countries ordered mostly at the 4-star level, showing a demand for high-quality content across the globe.

In almost all markets, orders had a minimum length of 400 words. Only the United Kingdom fell slightly below this word count, with an average length of 397 words. The longest articles were ordered in Poland, averaging more than 700 words.

The most popular types of content in the final quarter were website contentblog posts and product descriptions.

Clients using Textbroker’s French platform ordered product descriptions most often.

In Germany, clients mainly ordered general website contentproduct descriptions and technical articles.

In the US, orders for website content as well as blog posts on topics like businesslaw and travel were most common.

The most popular subject categories in the 4th quarter were product descriptionstravel and health. Content regarding jobsbusiness and shopping was also common.

Access to thousands of authors and the ability to receive content in 10 languages is possible through Textbroker, the leading Internet platform for on-demand, unique written content.

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