‘The Ultimate Shaving Experience for Real American Men’

British firm launches beard reducing shaving range exclusively for the men of America

Millions of men all over America share a common problem – they suffer from tough stubble that defies the attentions of every shaving product known to man, and blunts the edge of even the keenest razor.

These men are known as “Blue-Beards”. These testosterone filled men, with jawlines of sand paper tough stubble, have suffered for eternity down to their masculine beard growth, but they can breathe a (manly) sigh of relief, as there is finally a shaving solution that is fearless of even the toughest facial hair.

Designed by a dyed-in-the-wool, real life ‘Blue-Beard’, who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan lookalike, Dreadnought, meaning to fear nothing and the biggest and best of its kind, has the tagline ‘The Ultimate Shaving Experience For Real American Men’.

The range of Dreadnought shaving products was designed and engineered to tackle the toughest of beards whilst reducing razor rash, burn, cuts, nicks and ingrowing hairs.

Dreadnought contains Decelerine, which reduces the appearance of beard growth whilst also moisturising and protecting the skin to allow for the closest of shaves.

However, this luxurious shaving brand is more than just a miracle secret formula, and is a signature scent chosen by shaving enthusiasts, based on a fresh and classic English barbershop scent with a modern twist. The aroma and sumptuous thick lather makes shaving a genuine pleasure.

Quintessentially British, Dreadnought has been developed to reflect, foster and honour the special relationship between two great nations - a friendship forged on the field of battle and tested to extremes. Dreadnought is a great British product and is now available exclusively to our American cousins.

David Hildrew, Managing Director for Dreadnought, was quick to warn men that the range had not been designed for the bum fluff brigade and politely asked woman to buy their own.

“If you are a fully paid up member of the bum fluff brigade then Dreadnought is simply not for you. May I respectfully suggest that you try some of the foamy stuff you can get from any supermarket. Dreadnought is for Real American Men,” he said.

“Sorry ladies but Dreadnought was not meant to be used by girls! It may well be just about the best product you could ever use on your legs, underarms and bikini line but if we had wanted to appeal to the female market surely we would have called it something else? Hands off, it’s meant for Real American Men.”

Dreadnought, launches in America on June 12 with a pre shave oil, shaving cream, post shave balm, travel sized ‘Avenger’ shaving brush, luxury ‘Spartan’ double edge safety razor and silver technology anti perspirant deodorant.

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For more information on Dreadnought, to request samples or for high res imagery, please contact Justin Bullock on + (44) 1752 898191 or justin@dreadnought-shaving.com.

Notes to editor

About Dreadnought

Dreadnought, which uses totally recyclable packaging, is a paraben free range of men’s grooming and shaving products designed to combat tough stubble and tackle common shaving problems like razor rash and burn.

Decelerine™ contains a mixture of actives that minimises the appearance of unwanted hair, reducing the frequency of shaving and depilation, and at the same time providing a recovering effect on the skin.

In tests Decelerine™ showed a 30% decrease in hair length as well as a 16% reduction in hair density after 60 days.

As well as reducing the appearance of beard growth, Decelerine relieves and soothes the effects of shaving (especially skin prone to irritation and dryness) by providing moisturisation and protection to facilitate it’s regeneration.

More information can be found at www.dreadnought-shaving.com.

Justin Bullock


+44 1752 898191