Challenges faced by Scotland’s equine industry discussed at BHS Welfare Conference

The British Horse Society (BHS) Scotland held an informative welfare conference at the Weipers Centre for Equine Welfare in Glasgow recently, where the subjects of microchipping, identification and passports, breeding, transport, equine disease and the licensing of equine establishments were all discussed.

The event counted as Continued Professional Development (CPD) forScotland’s animal health officers and those attending appreciated the health and welfare challenges facing the Scottish equine industry at the moment.

This is the third time BHS Scotland has joined forces with the Animal Health enforcers to provide industry specific CPD and the BHS believes this is one of the best ways to ensure that horses and ponies get fair and informed treatment from the enforcers.

BHS Scotland chairman of welfare Sue Kilby said: “The day highlighted the way ahead in terms of what needs to be sorted to improve the lives of equines inScotland.

“If the passport legislation and National Equine Database were as good as they could be and effective in telling us where equines stay, if owners and keepers were knowledgeable and always took full responsibilities for their animal, and if the managers of commercial establishments took their duty of care seriously with everyone understanding good biosecurity, then there would be much fewer health and welfare concerns for organisations like the BHS to contend with.

“This was a great instance of ‘partnership working’ and it is heartening that the industry and enforcers all know what is required in the future to secure top class equine welfare.”

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