Dialight scoops 2010 techMark Sustainability Award

Dialight became the first winner in a new category at the 11th Annual techMARK Awards dinner to recognise the success and achievements of the technology industry over the past year and showcase the innovative companies that form the techMARK community.

Newmarket, UK – 12 November 2010 - Dialight shone through to scoop the prestigious 2010 techMark award for Sustainability at London's Intercontinental Hotel last night against a strong short list that included Pace, Genus and Logica. Dialight is the world leader in applied LED (light emitting diode) lighting technology which is capable of delivering measurable savings in power and carbon emissions as well as offering a lifetime that can be five to fifteen times longer than conventional lights. Working with optional smart control software, LED semiconductor technology enables cities, commerce and industry to take control of their power consumption, reduce overhead and effect radical extensions to maintenance cycles. These savings have often been overlooked, as costly wave and wind projects have dominated media interest, but awareness of the benefits of LED lighting technology is now gradually breaking through as cities around the world seek ways to become more energy efficient and to reduce their carbon footprint. Roy Burton, CEO of Dialight was quoted last night as saying, "Winning this award is both gratifying and timely. At last, cities around the world have an alternative to switching off street lights to save money in these challenging times. They can now replace them with smart, sustainable LED lighting with a lifetime that is five to fifteen times longer than conventional lighting. Recent technological and cost advances allied with significant power consumption reduction have shortened the payback time, so LED solutions now make commercial sense. Dialight has recently pioneered innovative financial solutions to enable the financing of these solutions and thus enable more rapid deployment of white efficient lighting in our cities and in industry. I would like to pay tribute to our design teams on both sides of the Atlantic for ensuring this prestigious win for Dialight." The introduction of Carbon Reduction Commitments (“CRCs”) has meant that LED lighting is at last being seen as a key element in their achievement. Until now LED lighting has been unrecognised as a silver bullet that can reduce carbon from the moment it is installed. Dialight has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing LED units that are equipped to withstand hazardous environments in industry and in off-shore installations. This pedigree allows Dialight's lighting fixtures to be fitted in hazardous areas in industry such as paint shops, dusty facilities and utilities where exposure to corrosive chemical environments prevails.