SymetriQ’s Enterprise Public Cloud going live after successful beta trials

Edinburgh, UK – 7 October 2009 - After a highly successful free beta trial period, UK-based Enterprise Public Cloud, SymetriQ, has gone live on a pay-as-you-go basis from Wednesday 7 October 2009. SymetriQ’s cloud computing platform is designed to deliver specific benefits for different types of customers. With ISO27001 compliant data centres and the ability to scale from one to hundreds of Windows, Linux or Solaris servers in a few minutes, it appeals to enterprise customers, while as a multi-tenant, reseller-ready cloud computing platform it is also designed to appeal to resellers and system integrators looking to expand their product and service portfolio. For independent software vendors it offers alternative sales and go-to-market channels within the SymetriQ App Store, while developers are attracted by its agile and flexible per-hour billing business model with no minimum contract. SymetriQ’s Managing Director, Phil Huber, is well pleased with feedback from the beta testers which includes the following comments: “It took Arum no time at all to get our DataEye web application running on SymetriQ's cloud. When there was a problem SymetriQ were onto it like a flash and sorted it out. The interface for designing the architecture is great and switching cloud elements on and off is a breeze. This will help us to get new DataEye customers up and running quickly. Now we have the confidence that the SymetriQ cloud is the place to do our load testing.” John Fraser, Product Manager, Arum Systems Ltd “I was able to setup my virtual data centre in little more than a few minutes (without even reading the instructions). As far as I can tell from my fairly limited exposure to the platform the SymetriQ solution seems to be the answer to a prayer for IT support/managed services companies such as ours finally allowing us to replicate in the cloud the services we have been offering on premises: clearly addressing the growing demand from our clients for a full or partial cloud offering without the need for a cost prohibitive financial outlay on our own data centre. It is only by using the SymetriQ virtual data centre system and grasping the granularity and flexibility of the billing model that I have really come to understand what cloud computing actually means in our industry. I am immensely excited by the prospects the system is opening up for us.” Ciaran Kenny, Managing Director, Lynx Computing As of Wednesday 7 October the SymetriQ cloud computing platform is available for use on a pay-as-you-go basis and all that users will need to do to get started is to sign up online and buy some credit. SymetriQ is offering a range of bonus packages to help new users get started from 5% extra when signing up for a credit worth £50 to 18% extra on a credit worth £500. Phil Huber comments on the SymetriQ billing model: “With our cloud computing platform it’s a pure pay-as-you-go model – just turn it on and off to suit your self. SymetriQ lets you bootstrap your project or business with a credit card, so it delivers a very simple way to get your business off the ground.” He says further: “We will shortly be announcing a series of enterprise-focused partnerships as part of our strategy to target the higher-end SME and enterprise space.”