‘Visionary’ Zeus to provide enterprise-class traffic management in the SymetriQ cloud

Only a week after going live on 7 October 2009, SymetriQ is adding Zeus software to offer its customers on-demand, dynamically scalable traffic management in the Cloud. Gartner recently positioned Zeus in the ‘Visionaries’ quadrant of the 2009 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Gartner Magic Quadrant*.

EDINBURGH, UK – 13 October 2009 – SymetriQ, Europe’s first enterprise public cloud provider, today announced that it is working closely with Zeus Technology, the only software-based application traffic management company, as a strategic partner. This is the first of a series of enterprise-focused partnerships to be announced by SymetriQ as part of its strategy to target the higher-end SME and enterprise space. Customers of the SymetriQ will be able to purchase the Zeus Traffic Manager software on a flexible, pay-as-you-go (SPLA) licensing model. The Zeus solution utilises the unique and highly flexible TrafficScript™ facility, an intuitive traffic scripting language. Through the application programming interface (API), TrafficScript will enable SymetriQ cloud users to create their own business rules to automatically control the provisioning of resources on-demand, to ensure they provide their end-users with a superior online experience. Phil Huber, Managing Director of SymetriQ, comments: “The Zeus Layer-7 load balancing and application traffic management solution is the ultimate choice for the Cloud, providing a level of proficiency that simply cannot be achieved using proprietary hardware. Zeus is at the very heart and a critical component of our vision of building a high-end Web 2.0 platform that provides core architectural components like load balancing, queuing, database services and enterprise billing. Our pay-as-you-go pricing model coupled with an extensive API means the Zeus software provides the flexibility our customers need to have complete control of their web applications. Enabling us to extend our services in the cloud, Zeus’ Layer-7 load balancing and application traffic management solution integrates seamlessly into our business model, which is built to adjust to customer needs quickly and efficiently in a highly-customised hosting environment.” Paul Brennan, CEO, Zeus Technology says, “As awareness of the Cloud continues to increase and adoption accelerates, organisations will start to see the true value of cloud-based services. Zeus is continuing to refine its capabilities in the Cloud, helping customers to deliver services on-demand, in a more agile manner. By working closely with SymetriQ we will be able to offer their enterprise customers a powerful, highly scalable application traffic management solution to cope with unpredictable peaks in web traffic and ensure that users consistently receive an exceptional online service.” SymetriQ’s enterprise public cloud offers significant cost savings, improved time to market, energy efficiency and economies of scale. Going beyond the limitations of hardware, Zeus is the only advanced traffic manager that meets the requirements for public and private clouds. *Gartner, Inc. Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers, by Mark Fabbi and Joe Skorupa, Sept. 24, 2009