About Us

The Interview People GmbH is an independent publishing house that runs www.theinterviewpeople.com. We are specialised in licensing and syndication of text and images. Our service gives you access to the very best in editorial - all those things that engage, excite, and move the world. This is how our business works: Publishing houses, image banks and freelance journalists contribute their latest interviews, features and images to our platform. We package the texts and images to save editors' time. Then we license the one-time printing right or limited time of online use to media outlets in more than 70 countries: exclusive or non-exclusive, any given territory - you name it, we have it. Founded in 2007 our content providing cooperators include, among others: Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, The Sun, SPIN Magazine, Metro UK, Hot Press and Foreign Policy (Text). 13 Photo, action press, Bildagentur-online, Broadimage, Camera Press, ClipDealer, dpa Picture-Alliance and Fine Art Images (Images). And we are constantly adding new partners.