TRUTH runs campaign in with national publisher with 100% transparency on client spend across the supply chain

TRUTH, the world’s first global blockchain-enabled media agency [and a subsidiary of The Marketing Group (TMG)], today announces the first successful deployment of an advertising campaign using blockchain smart contract technology.

The campaign, which ran across a national publisher for ten days until 19 March 2018, saw media agency TRUTH fully disclose all fees involved to the client.

Blockchain as a technology has been validated by this campaign. It clearly demonstrates how blockchain enables advertisers to know exactly what elements of their campaign ran and when, with 100% transparency across the media supply chain.

The world’s first blockchain-enabled advertising campaign was for an undisclosed major brand using a campaign test budget. TRUTH is currently in discussions with multiple clients across multiple sectors to launch further such campaigns.

The Demand Side Platform (DSP) in the campaign was Avocet, the exchange was Sonobi and the publisher was UK based. All companies disclosed fees with the client prior to the campaign running, with TRUTH’s blockchain technology validating that each partner had delivered all agreed elements.

TRUTH CEO Mary Keane-Dawson said:

“There are so many myths around blockchain’s use in advertising that need to be exploded. The success of this campaign proves that blockchain in advertising is not ten years away – it is here today; it is fast enough, it provides the view that advertisers are demanding and it will deliver a cleaner media supply chain with 100 percent transparency.” 

Erza Pierce, Chief Executive Officer at Avocet, said: 

"Avocet is proud to be partnering with TRUTH to drive forward a pioneering model and commitment to transparency and accountability in adtech. Our shared values - delivering real-world value to brands, and keeping trust, clarity and innovation at the heart of everything - align with a sustainable future vision for digital advertising.”

Nicholas Titmus, Director, Buyer Suite – Sonobi, said:

“TRUTH's manifesto and philosophy has real synergies with Sonobi. TRUTH is helping brands regain faith within the industry by bringing true transparency to the supply chain, removing wastage and more importantly eradicating hidden margins. Sonobi enables TRUTH and its brands to engage directly with real people as defined by the brand.”

Media contact for TMG and TRUTH

Lydia Oakes

Phone: +44 (0)7710 244573



Launched in 2017, TRUTH is a global media planning and buying service for advertisers. A subsidiary of The Marketing Group (TMG), it has offices in London, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. TRUTH is a truly transparent agency that provides a single view across the value chain and a single clear fee for advertisers.

TRUTH was launched in response to the erosion of trust between advertisers, media agencies and media owners, with middlemen and the layers involved in media planning and buying stripping 80% of the value between brands and media owners. TRUTH’s use of blockchain technology revolutionises the traditional process, allowing for complete transparency for all involved. 

What is a 'Blockchain'?

A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records which are linked and secured, using cryptography, to produce an immutable, distributed ledger.

Because blockchains are transparent and secure by design, they are highly suitable for use in creating smart contracts, transferring funds and documenting the provenance of a supply chain.

Many experts believe that blockchain technology could have an effect as profound as that of the internet itself.

About The Marketing Group plc (“TMG”) in brief

TMG is building a global full-service marketing network, powered by technology, that provides a fresh alternative for global brands that want to see more bang for their buck. With offices in America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, TMG’s collaborative network of agencies provide a holistic service to deliver highly effective results.

The Marketing Group is listed on Nasdaq First North, Stockholm.

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