The logistics division of Pioneer Human Services is providing packaging, warehouse and shipping services for Bridjit Curb Ramps. This non-profit provides second chance employment opportunities for people in the Kent, Washington area.

Kent, Wash. - When John Curry, founder and president of Bridjit Inc., was looking for someone to support his company's logistics needs, he never imagined he would turn to a non-profit organization for help. Curry discovered the work of Pioneer Human Services three years ago when he accidentally pulled into their parking lot to turnaround.

Since then Pioneer Distribution in Kent, Wash., the logistics division of the organization, has served as the packaging, warehouse and shipping department for Bridjit Curb Ramps. Bridjit Curb Ramps are a high-quality green solution that helps reduce the jarring and underside vehicle damage that occurs from a roll-over curb driveway entry.

Pioneer Human Services opened in 1963 as a private social service agency to help people overcome the challenges of chemical dependency, mental health issues, or criminal histories. Pioneer is a non-profit organization headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The organization’s distinctive business model combines the discipline of a for-profit corporation with the service mission of a not-for-profit organization. This strategy allows Pioneer to earn 99 percent of its annual revenues through the sale of its products and services, with less than one percent of its annual budget coming from donations or contributions. In 2010, the organization had annual revenues of $61 million and served nearly 12,000 individuals.

"We've had the privilege of working with Pioneer Distribution these past three years," says Curry. "They're prices are extremely reasonable and the people we work with are very responsible. If we ever have a problem, and that is rare, they take care of it immediately. We're proud to work with an organization that provides a second chance to individuals that no one else would likely help."

The organization was started by Jack Dalton, a disbarred attorney and a recovering alcoholic who had spent time in a Washington State Penitentiary for embezzlement. In 1963, Pioneer Fellowship House opened, a 16 bed group home for men. In 1966, Pioneer Industries began operations manufacturing products and providing services for Boeing, Heath Techna, and Container Corporation. Today, Pioneer has a dozen enterprises and business’ providing job training and employment, treatment and counseling, housing and reentry services throughout Washington state in more than 57 locations. For more information on the organization, visit

Made in the USA, Bridjit Curb Ramps are simple to install and available in four foot modular sections that are firmly bolted together to cover any width driveways. No bolting to the concrete is required to keep the sections in place.  A three section (left, right and center) set sells for a MSRP of $299. Additional modular sections may be purchased at $99 per section, plus freight.

Bridjit Curb Ramps are sold nationwide both direct from the company and through a number of Internet and retail resellers. For more information, phone: (877) 522-6611, e-mail:, or visit:   

About Bridjit Inc.

Based in Kent, Wash., Bridjit Inc. is the manufacturer of the Bridjit Curb Ramp, a low cost, low impact solution that helps smooth the entry to a driveway with a rolled curb driveway. An estimated 9 million of these curbs exist in the U.S. and Canada that causes jarring and jolting to drivers and passengers and significant underside vehicle damage to tires, wheels, shocks, steering components, and alignment. Made in the U.S. of durable rubber, Bridjit Curb Ramps are an environmentally friendly product made from recycled tires. The ramp design enables water to flow underneath without the need to install piping, no bolting to the concrete is required, and it can be flipped out of the way for easy cleaning. Manufactured in four foot modular sections, Bridjit Curb Ramps can help cover the full width of virtually any driveway.

For Further Product/Service Information, Contact:

John Curry, President

(877) 522-6611•

For Further PR Information, Contact:

Gary McCoy, PR Director

(847) 622-7228 •


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