December 1 – 5, 2010, Open Daily from 11AM-11PM EST

November 29, 2010 – San Marino Gallery, in association with TPGPR [also known as The Presstige Group Public Relations, will present a one night only star-studded red carpet event to celebrate San Marino Gallery exhibiting between 7PM-11PM at The Ritz Carlton, South Beach. Located at One Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 on Friday, December 3rd, 2010. Join us for a world of imagination, come to life at this 3,000 square feet of Gallery space with 8 International Artists, featuring an Open Bar between 7PM-10PM, food catered by Ritz Carlton, and musical performance by a surprise DJ.

Belgian artist, Georges Monfils, with his INCREDIBLE incarnations of Girl with Pearl Earring, Adele Bloch Bauer and Auguste Renoir.  Each one painstakingly crafted using colored pencils, sharpened and cut to include every detail.  A picture alone cannot capture these breathtaking works of art. Made using approximately 18,000 pencils on canvas, you will be overwhelmed in person.   Georges’ pencil version of Van Gogh was purchased by the Van Gogh Museum. 

A rare opportunity to see Trompe L’oeil by Living Master, Anthony Waichulis.  His work is so exacting it takes approximately a year to complete.  Using a dermatologist’s mirror and a brush with 4 hairs, his Masterpieces are constantly mistaken for photographs.  Each vignette juxtaposes rough and smooth, shiny and dull, and humor mixed with nostalgia.  Sought after by Collectors around the world, Anthony’s work is rarely seen by the public.

Polish Glass sculptor, Marta Klonowska.  Meticulous recreations of animals that she extracts from famous Old Master paintings.  Marta begins by soldering a steel undercarriage that can support the thousands of shards of glass she uses for hairs.  Each piece of glass cut and arranged by her own hand.  Due to the exacting nature, she is only able to complete a few pieces each year.  She has taken her love of the classical, mixed it with her passion for glass and created a Contemporary category all her own. 

Spanish painter, Didier Lourenco, well known for his Mediterranean paint colors and whimsical urban scenes.  These refreshing pieces capture the essence of a city’s heart.  You know immediately where Didier was when he painted it.  His humor is evident and causes everyone to smile.

Arturo Garcia from Mexico City works in papier-mâché.  This skill passed down through many centuries of Mexican culture, has been revived by Art in a completely new form.  Utilizing fish as brushstrokes, these witty pieces are carefully arranged and injected with air.  Art has been commissioned to make a wide variety of items with his skillful hands.

Southern California artist, Barry Wetmore, has incorporated 40 years of advertising and graphic arts into his passion for Einstein.  Each oil on canvas conveys a story about things that he might have done in his “afterlife”.  Barry chose striking colors, because Einstein was only seen in black and white.  You do not realize that each abstract is Einstein until you hear it.  Then, your eyes magically spot him! 


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