TPGPR’s multi-talented actor is currently in production of the MMA-based film

November 3, 2010 – Actor Jon Lee Brody will be utilizing his athletic background in his upcoming 3D MMA-centric film, The Hurricane Kid. As “Ryu,” Brody will depict an up-and-coming MMA fighter, who is trying to reach the championship level, only to find that the path isn’t as easy as he thought.

Nicknamed the “Hurricane Kid,” Brody’s character must fight both inside and outside of the ring to reach his ultimate goal in a world where corporate moguls rule and control the outcome of the fights.

As an athlete in high school, a Tae-Kwon-Do black belt and a former Golden Gloves boxer, Brody will be performing all of his own stunts and fights in the film. He has been training hard for The Hurricane Kid at the Gunnar Peterson Gym (Beverly Hills, CA) with personal trainer Gregg Miele, who has trained Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman. He’s also been working with Taylor Lautner and Jaden Smith’s trainer Mick Chat at XMA World Headquarters (North Hollywood, CA).

Co-starring Genevieve Mariko Wilson (as “Ryu’s” love interest “Sara”), the movie is directed by Jesse V. Johnson (Charlie Valentine). Brody not only plays the central character, but is also a producer on the film, along with Julian Lee. The Hurricane Kid 3D is slated to for a 2011 release.

Acting and producing are but two traits on Brody’s vast and impressive entertainment resume. Currently focused on enhancing his acting career, Brody is also a director, musician and model. The Chicago native skipped law school and began his acting career in 2007 after responding to a casting position on Craigslist. Following his passions to Hollywood, CA, Brody has appeared in several TV and movie roles, with 2011 a vital year for the versatile actor.

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