As Brexit sparks financial concerns, Eleni Cotton considers the affect of the global market on Greece…

Not even the China scare has overshadowed Greece’s financial crises which threaten to destabilise the Euro Zone. How did Greece wind up in such a deep hole?

Is Greece just about indigo seas, white sands, meze and wine? No – and this book tells you the story behind the tragedy of ‘the hole’.

It is told through the eyes of an English couple who are trying to start up a business in Greece, and two donkeys, Apollo and Hortensia who belong to the nasty Aristedes (Arsie!). Our witty and perceptive four-legged friends see what goes on in the countryside as people struggle to survive the draconian tax demands, the avalanche of unfair laws passed by the unscrupulous and greedy politicians, civil servants and the rest of the ruling elite who see Greece as their private piggy bank. Straight from the Donkey’s Mouth is the story of the social and political influences that led to ‘the hole’.

Is the story told with humour? Yes! But also with tears, because this is a real-life tragedy. Is it factual? Yes! This romp of a story is founded on absolute and often shocking fact. It is the story of the human heartache behind the headlines, the feelings behind the facts and the figures and the despair as the country heads towards seeming destruction. But it is also the story of a nation’s fierce courage in the fight for survival and the people’s hope that never dies.


“This is a really brilliant read on several levels” “Despite being set during hard times, this is a story of hope and courage that will have the reader wondering what will happen next.” Neos Kosmos newspaper, Melbourne.

Eleni Trataris Cotton is of Greek, Swiss and Mozambique descent. She grew up in Malawi, where her family also suffered the effects of unjust politics. Eleni has worked as a singer, entrepreneur and lecturer and has six children. She lives in the southeast of England and spends months of each year in Greece. Eleni is now available to interview about Straight From the Donkey's Mouth, and copies of her ebook are available for review – either as PDF/epub, or via NetGalley.

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