Camberley author Barry Johnson is back with his latest crime thriller

Kill or Be Killed is the fifth instalment in his thrilling Jake Robinson series

Prior to the release of Kill or Be Killed, prolific author Barry Johnson has written: Wherein Lies Justice?, Staying Alive, Hunt The Killer and Saving A Lady, all published with The Book Guild. Barry, an owner/director of Learning Partners, has also published well over sixty professional articles.

Kill or Be Killed sees the return of Jake Robinson, an ex-military policeman, a captain with training at Sandhurst and a degree in psychology. He is a leader and a loner. He has resigned from the special unit of MI5 and now needs a job. Jan Lotus, star of film, stage, dancing and singing, needs a bodyguard. Jake gets the job, but when she is killed under his watch he realises he has to kill the killers before they kill him – or a second contract kicks in.

How is this murder and the contracts on Jake related to the battle between the big drug suppliers? Jake believes the contract on the star was orchestrated by a woman, but who and why? Jake finds he is weaving his way through a fog of the drugs industry and the revolution about to occur within it. Will he survive to emerge into the light? With a protagonist reminiscent of Ian Fleming’s James Bond, Kill or Be Killed is a gripping crime thriller.

After retiring in 2005, Barry Johnson began writing ancient Greek stories. He published only one of these stories, but he thinks he will eventually get around to revisiting them. Barry uses his experience in the Royal Navy and his degree in psychology to help write his novels. He is currently available for interview about Kill or Be Killed, as well as any of his other novels, and review copies of his latest book are available on request.

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