Dance Excellence Grooms International Dancers for Broadway and Beyond

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Los Angeles, California):  DANCE EXCELLENCE, a weeklong performance and educational event in Hollywood, California, produced by founder Annie McQuitty, just completed its 21st season.  Studios from Australia, North America, Central America, Asia and Europe  gathered, not only to have fun performing at Disneyland and see Cirque de Soleil’s new hit, IRIS  in Hollywood, they came to sing, dance, perform, cheer and share all that is current in the world of dance.  They also learned the skills they’ll need to step out on their own and achieve their future dance career dreams for Broadway and beyond.

An interview with superstar dancer, Cody Green, of Bravo TV’s Step It Up and Dance fame, revealed that attending Dance Excellence gives dancers an edge when venturing into the world of auditioning. Green, originally from British Columbia, Canada, said, “It was huge for me with auditioning - audition class with Bill and Robyn Brawley, making me get up, sing and be comfortable.  We would learn the Company show and have to perform it within 4 or 5 days.”  Clearly the training at Dance Excellence was essential.  Green’s auditions have led him to leading roles on Broadway in West Side Story and Come Fly Away and guest starring on HBO’s True Blood

When asked about how Dance Excellence compares with other national conventions, Green responded, “The energy is different.  It’s the camaraderie amongst all of the students and the connection you have to everybody from every country and state and places all over the world.  You don’t get that anywhere else.”  Green mentioned that it’s rare he dances or auditions for a professional show without running into another Dance Excellence alumni. “I was dancing with Clifton Brown who is a principal with Alvin Ailey, and we were in the Dance Excellence Company together.  Dance Excellence is a HUGE family and it stays that way.”

Studio directors have a similar view to the importance of skills Dance Excellence teaches, preparing dancers for real life.  Dori Matkowski, the owner and director of Dance Dynamics in Michigan commented, “In the Dance Excellence atmosphere, you are allowed to grow.  The first day of classes, I saw huge improvement – drastic - in these kids.  If any director’s just had it with a competitive atmosphere, this is absolutely the number one choice.”  Matkowski is also amazed by what you get for the cost of tuition.  “You don’t just get breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You get a full-on party for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You get a complete overall experience.  You don’t get just dance classes.  You get life-changing hoopla! Dance Excellence makes you a better person forever.”

Invitations to Dance Excellence 2013 are currently in progress.  To see photos and videos from DANCE EXCELLENCE, or get more information on how to secure an invitation to this event, please visit or the DANCE EXCELLENCE Facebook page.

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The goal of DANCE EXCELLENCE is to support and inspire dance teachers and touch the lives of dancers who travel the globe to connect. Nick Young, a 9-year participant and one of the Top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance” comments, “Dance Excellence has really opened me up as a dancer and as a person. It gave me the confidence to try out for Season 8 of SYTYCD. Working with dancers from all over the world made it easy to connect with my fellow dancers on the show. I owe it all to Dance Excellence!” DANCE EXCELLENCE is a by invitation only event, however interested studio directors from around the world and the United States can receive information by emailing at More information and videos can be found at



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