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14th May 2012

Build London Live 2012, an openBIM event, attracts design professionals across the globe

The World’s Premier Collaborative Building Information Modelling Event, May 21st - 23rd, 2012

With less than a week to go, Build London Live 2012 has already attracted more than 20 teams made up of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals all over the world. As the world’s premier Collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) event, design professionals and experts will join together online on May 21st to 23rd, to create the most elegant solutions based on a time-constrained design brief.  

The participants so far represent 15 countries, including the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Singapore, Chile, India, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Hungary, and the Philippines. 

Lars Christensen, Build London Live 2012 judge and senior advisor for Virtual Design, Construction and FM at multiBIM, offers this advice to all AEC professionals and participants:

“If you are a serious player in the AEC industry, Build London Live 2012 is the global BIM arena for you to showcase your performance. I really hope the innovative owners and architectural design and construction companies take the challenge. If you have ambitions but not much experience with BIM projects, this is a superb opportunity where you and your team can learn a lot and test your abilities with the best.”

Each team will be allocated a unique plot in a common design context with 48 hours to contribute to an ambitious master plan for a site in the heart of London. Teams will be asked to develop an outline proposal by midday on the Tuesday based on a brief for a significant multi-use development for the London site which will be announced on May 21st. All the key information will be published in interoperable formats. Teams will be free to use any interoperable technology and to add updates to an online public cloud collaboration site. Viewers will be free to add comments.

The event will conclude Wednesday midday ahead of the buildingSMART International executive briefing in London where the winners will be announced via a live webinar feed. Previous winners include BIM Vikings (Norway), BIM Japan, Super Team Singapore, Ryder Architecture (UK), 3D Blueprint (India), Southern Axis (Chile), University of Nebraska – Lincoln (USA), Teams BIM Education (USA) and Food for Thot (USA).

Awards for Build London Live 2012 include:

  •               The openBIM BUILD LONDON LIVE 2012 Award (Sponsored by Graphisoft)
  •               Best use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement (Sponsored by Tekla)
  •               Best Multi-disciplinary BIM and use of Interoperability (Sponsored by Vectorworks)
  •               Best use of BIM for Sustainability or Constructability (Sponsored by Synchro)
  •               Judges Discretionary Awards 

Following on from the global success of Build London Live 2008 and 2009, organisers Asite and AEC3 will bring together BIM practitioners across the globe in a showcase of their collaborative design and engineering talent and collaborative BIM capabilities.

Register for free as a participant or observer here: 

Follow @buildlondonlive and #openBIM for live updates. 

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AEC3 is an international consulting firm that combines a range of capabilities with global expertise to resolve information needs and deliver strategic solutions to the industry. AEC3 works with developers, building owners, contractors, consultants, manufacturers, software vendors and academic institutions to fit information technologies to needs.

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