Gota Media goes to the cloud with Tieto

Gota Media has chosen to engage Tieto to provide the IT environment utilized for the operation of one of their most critical business systems. The entire IT environment is delivered as a private cloud service based on Tieto Cloud Server. The contract runs for three years with an option for additional two years.

- Tieto Cloud Server offers Gota Media flexibility and fast deployment capabilities in order to handle rapid changes on the market as well as meeting the important issue of always guaranteeing that Gota Media’s data is stored in Sweden, says Tord Johansson, CIO at Gota Media.

Tieto Cloud Server brings together the best features of the public and private cloud with superior simplicity and speed. The server capacity is managed by customer representatives with alterations taking effect instantly, thus matching various business needs.

 - We're delighted and proud to have been given this opportunity to work with Gota Media as it underlines our focus on the media industry in the Nordics. The fact that Gota Media has chosen to ‘go cloud’ with one of their most critical business systems signals a wish of being at the forefront of the rapid development within the industry. It also highlights Tieto Cloud Server as the optimal solution for such a journey, keeping flexibility, cost and security in mind”, says Mats Jadesköld, Vice President of Media Scandinavia at Tieto.

Cloud business is the fastest growing area in Tieto this year, and by 2020, around 80 percent of Managed Services is expected to derive from cloud. Tieto is the largest cloud service provider in the Nordic countries.

For further information, please contact:

Mats Jadesköld, Vice President of Media Scandinavia, Tieto Sweden
Tel. +46 (0)70 588 90 74, mats.jadeskold[at]

Tord Johansson, CIO, Gota Media
phone: +46 (0)33 700 09 31, tord.johansson[at]

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Gota Media is a Swedish newspaper cooperation, established in 2003, encompassing close to 20 brands. Gota Media is equally owned by the foundation Barometern in Kalmar and Tore G Wärenstams foundation in Borås. The ownership structure ensures the independence of the newspapers while assuring that the company's capital is used to ensure the newspaper publishing and development. Gota Media cherish the subscribed morning newspaper and sees it as it’s task to safeguard the editorial operation while adapting it to the channels and forms every time so require. Please visit for more information.


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