Tieto delivers contactless payments functionality to Chip Card Serbia

Chip Card JSC, a Serbian payment card processing centre, has started offering the newest contactless payment technology based services using Tieto`s Card Suite Contactless payment solution. As the contactless technologies evolve in the region and demand for it rises, Chip Card has implemented MasterCard PayPass card issuing and acquiring services, enabling cardholders to make prompt and secure payments.

Tieto and Chip Card JSC implementation project went smoothly due to the competent and highly skilled specialists on both sides. Tieto provided licences, business analysis, system configuration as well as specialist consultations for MasterCard PayPass issuing and acquiring project certification. This project ensured Chip Card processing centre`s business development by opening a new service for its client banks.

Maris Ozolins, Director of Cards, Financial Services evaluated results of the project as follows: “Tieto have already ten years of successful collaboration with Chip Card JSC. By implementing the contactless functionality to the processing centre, Chip Card became compliant with the latest requirements of International Payments Schemes. Moreover, contactless payments meet the strict security requirements of the payments industry as well as bring clear benefits to financial organizations end consumers. We are confident that the digitalization of cash payments will stimulate financial and economic growth in the county. Our specialists are looking forward to implement future innovative cards solutions to Chip Card.”

Vesna Dzudovic, Director, Chip Card, says:  “Along with Tieto, we have implemented contactless MasterCard project in short time. Project is implemented on issuing / acquiring side for OTP bank, one of our biggest clients. As participant in one of the fastest growing markets in South-East Europe, it is our obligation and highest priority to offer innovative and modern products to existing and new clients. Contactless platform /payments are one of the innovative products in our portfolio, on which we are very proud. Our intention is to use contactless platform for further advancing in the field of contactless Mobile NFC payments. Working together with Tieto, I am sure it will be another successful story.”

Tieto`s Card Suite Contactless solution meets the changing requirements of the competitive payment card business, helping banks and processors to develop their acquiring channels to meet the needs of their advanced customers.  The use of contactless cards provides convenience and allows reducing the time of physical operations with a card, thanks to a possibility to execute a payment just by tapping a card on the terminal.

Chip Card Beograd processing centre is a customer of Tieto since year 2004.

For further information please contact:
Maris Ozolins, Director, Cards, Tieto Financial Services, phone number +371 67510000
Vesna Dzudovic, Chief Executive Officer / CEO, Chip Card,
phone number +381 113040910

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Chip Card JSC is one of the leading centres for processing of transactions made by payment cards and managing the operations of ATM and POS terminals in the market of Republic of Serbia. Company was established in the year 2004, by the Association of Serbian Banks and 12 Banks. With 33% of market share in the total number of transactions, Chip Card represents a reliable and stable partner to Banks  and other participants in payment industry.

Company strategy is to offer high quality services at lower costs of processing, and flexibility in satisfying diverse requirements defined by user. Commitment to developing partnerships in all aspects of processing services (issuing, acquiring, e-commerce, mobile payments etc.), quality of services, knowledge and experience of our specialists represent a guarantee of successful future business stories.


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