Tieto enters into strategic partnership with Lyse – strengthening foothold in Norway

Tieto has been selected to deliver cloud solutions, infrastructure operations and data centre services to leading Norwegian energy and technology group Lyse. The agreement means that Tieto takes over the operations of a variety of systems, transfer of 25 IT professionals from Lyse Link and further strengthens the Stavanger office. The agreement also involves significant R&D and innovation initiatives in a number of relevant areas.

The scope of the agreement is minimum M€30 over 5 years, with the last two years as optional.

The key ambitions of the agreement is to reduce IT costs, optimize business processes and strengthen the Lyse Group’s ability to develop and deploy new services faster. Automation, speed and innovation are key elements to succeed in the digital world.  

“Technology, and not least the users' expectations, are changing rapidly, and it imposes stricter requirements on our IT systems. We have to deal with upgrades, capacity expansion, new versions and increased requirements for robust security solutions. All this happens in a fierce pace. The partnership with Tieto enables faster innovation and flexibility, and facilitates cost control where we pay for actual consumption of services, says Eimund Nygaard, CEO of Lyse.

Nygaard also emphasizes that Lyse is very satisfied that Tieto uses Green Mountain at Rennesøy as its Norwegian data centre.  

The Lyse Group was established following the merger of several energy companies in 1998, being operational from 1999. Since then the company has transformed itself from a traditional power company with roots dating back to beginning of the 20th century into a group with several different business areas, including infrastructure, telecommunications and renewable energy, also delivering smart home and welfare technology solutions for customers across Norway.

 “We are extremely proud to be selected to deliver on one of the most interesting IT challenges in the Nordics. Lyse is recognized as a leading national corporation with strong positions both in gas and hydro energy as well as pioneering solutions in telecommunications, home security and welfare technologies. As such Lyse has taken a unique position for further growth. We warmly welcome Lyse to our ecosystem,” says Christian Schøyen, country manager of Tieto Norway.

According to the new agreement, Tieto will provide Lyse with a unified multi-cloud management platform and a true hybrid cloud that includes a set of dedicated private cloud services from Tieto’s Norwegian data centre combined with global public cloud solutions from leading suppliers.

For more information:
Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications: kia.haring[at]tieto.com, +358 40 765 3700
Lars Rasdal, Communications Advisor, Lyse: +47 934 88 142

About Lyse
Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group operating within the fields of energy and fibre-based broadband. The Group began operations on 1 January 1999 but has roots that extend more than 100 years back in time. The Group is owned by 16 municipalities in Sør-Rogaland. 100 years ago forward-looking thoughts led to the acquisition of waterfall rights, as well as the construction of a hydroelectric power plant and the network of lines that have benefited an entire region. The Lyse Group has developed into a substantial national operator within renewable energy. With experience from building and operating infrastructure, the Group has established itself as the national leader within fibre-optic broadband. In recent years Lyse has developed a gas network in Sør-Rogaland and operates an LNG business in a Nordic market. www.lyse.no   

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