Tieto wins outsourcing deal with Jämtland County Council

Tieto has secured a new agreement with Jämtland County Council (JLL) for the delivery of IT infrastructure services including service desk, server operations and network operations. The deal is worth SEK 80 million and stretches from April 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019. It includes an option to extend the partnership for another four years. 

- Tieto is a knowledgeable and reliable supplier who knows the county council and our processes very well. With Tieto supporting us, we can continue to work in a stable and secure IT environment which allows us to continue to develop our operations. We feel very confident with our choice of supplier, says Thomas Nesterud, IT strategist at JLL.

Under the agreement, Tieto is responsible for server and application operations, service desk, communication services and system administration. Tieto has been a JLL partner since 2001 and won the latest bidding process in competition with five other tenders. This is the fourth time in a row that JLL chooses to outsource its IT services to Tieto.

- JLL is at the forefront and has standardized a great deal of its operations – giving the county council and its nearly 4,000 staff a high-quality and secure IT environment. We are very proud to have won JLL’s confidence for a fourth time in a row, which proves that we deliver in line with the county council’s expectations and demands, says Mats Brandt, Head of Public sector services at Tieto in Sweden.

The agreement cements Tieto’s role asSweden’s leading supplier of IT services to the nation’s county councils. At present, Tieto is the main outsourcing supplier also for the Skåne Regional Council and the Västernorrland County Council and partner to the Stockholm County Council and the Region Västra Götaland.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Brandt, Vice President Industry Public Sweden, Tieto
Phone: +46 70 530 33 25, e-mail: mats.brandt[at]tieto.com

Lennart Larsson, Customer Executive for JLL, Tieto
Phone: +46 70 549 82 18, e-mail: lennart.n.larsson[at]tieto.com

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Jämtland County Council has approximately 3,650 employees within 100 professions. The county council’s healthcare operations is operated out of six centers of which four focus on specialized care and operate out of the Östersund hospital: the center for specialized surgery, the center for specialized medicine, the center for paediatrics, women and psychiatry and the center for medical diagnostics, technology and services. The center for primary care provides care at local healthcare centres and district nurse centers.

From 2010, there is a nationwide health choice system in Swedenthat reinforces citizens’ rights to be able to choose their healthcare centers - in Jämtland this is known as Health Choice Jämtland. This law means that healthcare centers may be run by independent healthcare service providers who fulfil the demands and requirements as stipulated by the county council. At present, healthcare is provided at around 30 local healthcare centers and at some district nurse centers. Most of these are operated by the county council but some are run as private clinics and can be found in places like Offerdal, Hammerdal, Hede, Hoting and Strömsund. For more information, please visit www.jll.se.


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