Pengar i Sverige AB forms an IT Company with TietoEnator

Pengar i Sverige AB forms an IT Company with TietoEnator Pengar i Sverige AB, which was established by the Swedish Central Bank to undertake money management in Sweden, has formed the company 'Pengar i Sverige IT' AB together with TietoEnator. The new company will be responsible for the operation and development of the IT systems. The establishment of Pengar i Sverige IT AB (Money in Sweden IT) is in line with TietoEnator's strategy to create partnership companies with customers in the financial markets, for development and operations of business critical financial solutions. Pengar i Sverige was established by the Swedish Central Bank (Sveriges Riksbank) on 1 June last year in order to render the management of notes and coins in Sweden more efficient. An important part of the company's operations comprises the IT systems that control money flows. The idea behind the new IT Company is to create a flexible organisation in which TietoEnator's skills from the finance sector ensure high-quality solutions that can rapidly be implemented. Assignments undertaken by the IT Company will initially comprise IT services such as orders, stocks, invoicing and financial systems. "We see a large potential for increasing the efficiency of money management in Sweden", says Gunnar Malm, MD of Pengar i Sverige. "Naturally, the new IT Company will play an important role in our endeavours to simplify money flows within the country." Pengar i Sverige IT, as the partnership company is called, will be 60 per cent owned by TietoEnator and 40 per cent owned by Pengar i Sverige AB. "We have delivered consultant services to the Swedish Central Bank for a long time, and it is therefore pleasing that our previous collaboration has developed into a partnership and joint venture", says Gunnar Forss, MD of Entra e-finance Partner from TietoEnator group. "The IT Company will develop IT solutions that we consider marketable outside Sweden too." About TietoEnator TietoEnator is a leading supplier of high value-added IT services in Europe with a staff of 10.000 and an annual turnover of 1.2 billion euros. TietoEnator provides consulting, systems development and integration, operation and support, product development services for customers, and software services. The Group has in-depth knowledge of its customer's businesses in areas such as banking and finance, telecommunications, the public sector and forest industry. TietoEnator is the leading partner for e- finance on the Nordic market. The company's goal on finance sector is to be the leading e-finance solutions provider in Europe. For more information, see also About Pengar I Sverige Pengar i Sverige AB, which undertakes national operations via its own 11 offices, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Riksbank. The company distributes Swedish and foreign notes to banks, post offices and trade and industry. Operations include the collection and distribution of coins and notes, sorting and packaging, storage and computation of interest, authentication, enumeration of daily receipts and the operation of service boxes and ATMs. For more information, see also For further information, contact: Gunnar Forss, Managing Director, Entra e-finance Partner Sweden, Tel: +46 708 653 780 Gunnar Malm, Managing Director, Pengar i Sverige AB, Tel: +46 70 594 21 26, Christian Schriever-Abeln, Marketing director, Entra AB Tel: +46 709 790 490 DISTRIBUTION Principal media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: