About Us

TIME-IT® was not created overnight, nor was it the work of one man. It took years of research & development by a devoted team of technicians, engineers and designers. Founders Ramon Groen and Michaël Mourgue had the idea of creating a watch never seen before. LED display with linear time reading system that could change perception of time. Despite the non-existing technology at that time a first watch concept was created. Two years after TIME-IT® received a design award. TIME-IT® watches were launched in Printemps, a prestigious department store in Paris. In the years after, the watches found its way to every continent proving that TIME-IT models are appreciated by people all over the world.We love watches with LED technology and are now pioneering with the release of LEDwatchapp, world’s first mobile application with a large selection of modern ledwatches. The app provides you with detailed information about the coolest ledwatches available. Mission Our mission for the World, it’s people and everything else:Re-defining time through original quality timepieces