‘Huawei Europe’ goes online: just the start of a successful collaboration between Huawei and Tipik

Tipik has got a new major private client: the leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei.

In order to develop its activities in the EU, Huawei has set up a liaison office in Brussels. The Brussels Office serves as a hub for two-way communication with European policy makers, industrial stakeholders, think tanks, academics, journalists, etc. Since October 2012, Tipik has been working with Huawei Europe to develop its website, which is now online: http://www.huawei.eu.

From a web deliverable to a fully integrated communication project

From the initial request – “create our website” – the collaboration between Huawei and Tipik has been extended to a 360° service. We are now in charge of their editorial management (writing, rewriting, proofreading of all types of documents, from the website content to their speeches, press releases, blog posts, etc.), the organisation of events and of their participation in third-party events, the creation of exhibitions, the setup and management of their presence in the social media (Twitter and YouTube accounts), the translation of their documents (including translations into Chinese of the documents that Huawei Brussels prepares for their headquarters in Shenzhen), the page layout of print material (press ads, brochures, etc.), the production of video footage, etc.

About Huawei Technologies

Huawei (pronounce something like “wa-way” or check the video) is a Chinese ICT company, developing its activities worldwide, employing over 150,000 people and showing a revenue of more than € 27.4 billion in 2012. This company is ranked 3rd in the world in their sector (smartphones sales) and aims at becoming number 1 in 2017 at the latest.

About Us

<b>Tipik</b> - www.tipik.eu - is a Brussels based communication agency, home to 130 professionals from 30 countries. Our team of communication consultants, event organisers, audiovisual producers, web technicians, content editors, translators and media specialists form an all-in-one response to the most challenging communication needs. We have been successfully meeting the communication needs of the European institutions for several years and also offer services to a broad spectrum of institutional and other partners. At <b>Tipik</b>, we boast <b>a strong international network</b>, comprising highly talented native professionals who strengthen our capacity ‘on the ground’ locally. Tipik coordinates the network’s communication, ensuring a permanent dialogue between European professionals across 29 countries.