Tipik is leading agency for Commission web projects

In terms of years of experience, volume of pages made available online, variety of sites managed and range of technologies used; Tipik is the top agency for dealing with the web projects of the European Commission.

For over 12 years now, Tipik is the agency which more than half of the Commission Directorate-Generals (DGs) have chosen to work with, for the most part on web projects, giving us unbridled knowledge of how the Commission and its web teams work on a day-to-day basis. Our experience is matched by our solid structure, and the knowledge and expertise of our in-house experts.

Unparalleled experience in migration and restructuring

In terms of migrating and restructuring online data, no other company has dealt with as many of the Commission’s pages as Tipik. For this purpose, our well-established and tightly structured web team has built up an in-depth knowledge of CWCMS Documentum, as well as other CMS like Drupal. Developing its own internal tool, Tipik performs automatic conversions of online web pages to XML files, feeding the CMS while enriching code, processing links, and conducting automatic quality control in the process.

Mobile web expertise

Years of experience have also allowed our teams to develop a thorough knowledge of the IPG, and expertise on all the technologies permitted by DG Communication. Apart from Documentum, these include: ColdFusion, Java, Sharepoint, C #, Drupal, mobile web, Responsive Design, etc. Thanks to our successful collaborations with EACI (online IEE web mobile) and DG Justice (in-progress web mobile), we were called upon to work with DG Communication on the web mobile responsive design IPG.

Quality content in massive quantities

Tipik’s in-house teams control all aspects of the work flow: writing, translation, ergonomics, accessibility, design, classic and mobile sites and media dissemination. Our IT unit, consisting of 20 in-house developers, has processed a staggering 1 million web pages and is responsible for the technical management of large sites with tens of thousands of pages. A fine example is the Your Europe portal for citizens and businesses, for which we have managed the restructuring, copywriting, content translation, ergonomics, graphic design, and analysis of visitors of nearly 15,000 pages. Our work on this was recognised with the Clear Writing Award.

About Us

<b>Tipik</b> - www.tipik.eu - is a Brussels based communication agency, home to 130 professionals from 30 countries. Our team of communication consultants, event organisers, audiovisual producers, web technicians, content editors, translators and media specialists form an all-in-one response to the most challenging communication needs. We have been successfully meeting the communication needs of the European institutions for several years and also offer services to a broad spectrum of institutional and other partners. At <b>Tipik</b>, we boast <b>a strong international network</b>, comprising highly talented native professionals who strengthen our capacity ‘on the ground’ locally. Tipik coordinates the network’s communication, ensuring a permanent dialogue between European professionals across 29 countries.