Win a Final Four “Tip Off Party” by submitting one of the most “liked” tips in February

CINCINNATI, OH – March 6, 2012:  The Internet has thousands of websites to visit for advice on just about any subject. But is there a website for tips on everything all in one place?  A website that's fun and informative?  To get advice, but can give it as well? And share tips with family, friends and business associates to improve a life or to help a customer?

Now there is.

Introducing TipMine.com, where visitors of all ages and backgrounds, anywhere in the world, can exchange tips and advice on literally any subject that can help improve life.  From maintaining good health and losing weight to the best ways to transport pets to tips on dealing with a 'cranky' boss.

Want to know how to outrun a bear? How to instantly cool a hot beverage?  Visit http://www.tipmine.com to find the answers.

Tips from well-known celebrities are interspersed with experts on various topics and also everyday people. From Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart's special recipe for mashed potatoes to author P.D. James' five bits of writing advice.

Developed by entrepreneur and tipster Gord Carley, TipMine offers unique perspectives on giving advice.  Visitors to the site can share and collect tips in eight broad categories: Health, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Hobbies, Life, People and Sports.  "The final one, called Category 12, includes any subject that doesn't fit into the seven main categories.  "It's for those who think outside the box," said Carley.  "It might be tips on where to look for tell-tale signs of Sasquatch, how to get the best deal on an apartment rental or how to cure hiccups immediately."

Save Your Tips in TipFiles

TipFiles are the most unique aspect of TipMine.  TipFiles allow users to collect and organize tips for easy reference or for sharing with friends and families. TipFiles can also be used for business purposes by forwarding a TipFile containing a series of tips relevant to a potential or current customer. 

Personalize tips with photos and a bio for promotional value.   Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available to companies who want to cost-efficiently reach targeted audiences.  For information on sponsorship opportunities, call the TipMine advertising group at 1-866-220-4909.

Win a "Tip Off Party" for the men's collegiate basketball championship game

The top four tips with the most "likes" by March 17th will win Tip Off Parties.  Users control their chance of winning by encouraging their friends, family and colleagues to come "like" their posted tips.  TipMine will provide the winners with pizza, wings, T-shirts and all the essentials to make their parties the place to be for final game. 

"TipMine contains tips from people around the world," Carley said.  "We believe everyone has tips to offer and our goal is to provide a forum for all of us to help each other with some sound advice and even quirky or humorous tips.  We will continually be adding new features to keep the site fresh, informative and entertaining."

About TipMine.com

TipMine is a fully interactive platform where people can share tips and advice on virtually any subject.  The website was created as a community for people to help others by providing their wisdom and expertise.  Using TipMine is free, fun and informative.

Editor's Note:  To arrange an interview with TipMine spokesperson, contact Alicia Courtney at alicia@tipmine.com or call 1-513-720-4394.

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TipMine is a fully interactive platform where people can share tips and advice on virtually any subject. The website was created as a community for people to help others by providing their wisdom and expertise. Using TipMine is free, fun and informative.