Safety Net Services goes WalkAbout

Approved installer Safety Net Services launches an innovative solution for working at height.

An innovative lightweight platform for working at height has been unveiled to the UK construction industry by approved installer Safety Net Services.

The proven WalkAbout system from SpanSet is a tensioned decking designed to enable workers to access awkward or remote areas at height, and due to its low deflection, to work with the ease normally associated with ground-level tasks.

WalkAbout comprises a durable mesh membrane supported by a tensioned webbing matrix that is reassuringly stable and capable of achieving a surprising loading performance. It interfaces with the structure by fabric slings and/or webbing ratchet straps.

Tensioning is easily set to pre-determined levels using webbing ratchets incorporating the patented “TFI” (Tension Force Indicator) - a unique device that is integral to the ratchet assembly which quickly and reliably shows the pre-tensioning forces applied at the ratchet and at the adjustable end, in steps of 250, 500 and max 750daN.

Anchorage of the system can be achieved in various ways including bolts, beam clamps and slings depending on the type of structure or vulnerability of protective coatings.

As a WalkAbout approved installer, Safety Net Services is responsible for specifying suitable anchorages and the optimum panel layout for the application. The company also supplies site surveys or a review of design drawings to determine suitability, a comprehensive design report which addresses loadings on the structure, and loading scenarios when the platform is in use.

A fully-trained rigging team from Safety Net Services, a FASET member, installs the system. This includes placement and verification of anchors, erection of the panels into position, and inspection and maintenance.

Safety Net Services’ director John Walsh said: “We are very excited to be able to offer this system to the UK construction sector. Contractors who choose WalkAbout over traditional birdcage scaffolding for tasks such as glazing and painting, to name just a few at-height activities, will realise its huge potential for cost savings, programme acceleration and reduced installer risk.

“WalkAbout offers a collective work at height solution only surpassed in terms of safety by avoidance and once in place it provides workers with a similar working environment to that if they were working at ground level with no fall hazards. A worker protected from a fall hazard who still feels a sense of exposure is unlikely to operate in as efficient a manner as they would at ground level.”

SpanSet’s WalkAbout is intended as a primary means of support and is used in conjunction with a secondary safety system that can also be supplied by Safety Net Services.


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