Hairfinity by Brock Beauty grows with TLK Fusion

Los Angeles, Calif. (November 18, 2010) – TLK Fusion is excited to take on their new partnership with Brock Beauty, a natural hair and skin care company. With a focus on the connection between health and beauty, Brock Beauty recently made a splash in the beauty world with their most popular product, the revolutionary growing product Hairfinity hair vitamins. With all natural hair vitamins that can increase natural hair growth rate by up to 200%, Hairfinity enhances natural beauty from the inside out. The vitamins use a special blend of nutrients, including MSM, a vitamin B complex, and 833 percent biotin to promote healthier and faster hair growth. Hairfinity works from within the body to promote healthy hair growth, and it was this very emphasis on health that attracted TLK Fusion to this innovative beauty company.

"I believe that beauty is natural, so beauty products should maximize the benefits of natural ingredients,” says Hairfinity creator Tymeka Lawrence, ”We designed our products to nurture the body from the inside out.”

Already celebrity loved, Hairfinity’s fanbase includes Melissa Joan Hart, Samantha Mumba, Jennifer Love H ewitt, Blair Underwood, Chistina Serratos (Twilight), and more. TLK Fusion is ready to expand Hairfinity by fusing the brand with the best of the best in Hollywood. Lawrence states, “We decided to team up with TLK Fusion because we want to align our products with the best people, companies, and causes." As everyone knows, hair care is an essential beauty regimen, especially in the star-studded world of Hollywood. Thus, TLK Fusion is ready to bring Hairfinity to the well-deserved beauty spotlight.

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Brock Beauty, Inc is a United States based company offering a selection of products that promotes natural beauty from the inside out. By connecting beauty to health,  Brock Beauty, Inc is a company that prides itself on delivering top quality brands: Hairfinity hair vitamins, Essentious hair care, and Dermera acne treatment. The company’s mission is to enhance and preserve the natural beauty in all of us by consistently searching for innovative techniques and ingredients that cater to the needs of their customers.

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TLK Fusion Entertainment is a marketing firm that focuses on enhancing brands through the power of celebrity endorsements, charity alignments, media placement, and premier events. TLK has taken the meaning of “Strategic Partnerships” to a whole new level by fusing brands they work with to respected celebrities and well-known charities. TLK has developed a formula that serves up a 3-dimensional marketing strategy that has proven successful time and time again. TLK Fusion is brand consulting at its best, offering and delivering a 360 package: imaging/branding, marketing, product placement, and public relations. By strategically aligning brands, artists, and charities, through the fusion of powerful and creative people, TLK Fusion is producing results that are positively impacting people’s lives.



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