Ken Collis joins forces with Silent String Entertainment to executive produce upcoming reality series

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 14, 2012): Ken Collis, Hollywood mogul and President of TLK Fusion a marketing/celebrity licensing firm joins forces with the distinguished multimedia company Silent String Entertainment. For years, Silent String has been creating and developing projects for film, television and music.

Silent String Entertainment is currently in talks for the production of a number of different TV shows on major networks. Now with Ken Collis in the mix we will see slue celebrities wrapping their arms around the project. The reality series range from competition based entertainment to music centered reality programming. With unsurpassed creative expertise, Collis again will bring to the table of an arsenal of industry alliances.

Chris Martinez, Vice President of Silent String Entertainment had this to say about the joint venture "This is a great collaboration for us and we are very excited for our upcoming projects together." With power players Ken Collis, Silent Sting Entertainment and TLK Fusion these projects are sure to be a huge success. Given the track record of Ken Collis’ career of growing celebrity brands and his out of the box thinking this alignment should be a game changer! “It’s the perfect union at the perfect time, the perfect storm, so to speak. While I can’t say much, the projects are original and simply groundbreaking” says Collis.

For breaking news you may follow Ken Collis on Twitter @kencollis or Chris Martinez @HollywoodChrisM

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About Ken Collis (!/kencollis):  Ken Collis, Co-founder and President of TLK Fusion Entertainment, a leading Hollywood Marketing and Celebrity Licsensing firm, has been building celebrities and their brands for years. With many successful business ventures under his belt, Ken Collis continues to revolutionize Hollywood, one brand at a time with his out of the box thinking, strategic maneuvering and business savvy education. Brands and celebrities alike have been placed into the spotlight by utilizing Ken Collis’ powerful connections. With almost 200,000 followers on twitter, Ken Collis is a respected entrepreneur amoungst his collegues and celebrity friends


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