TLK Fusion Brings a Different Shade to Unique Tan

Los Angeles, Calif. (November 22, 2010) – TLK Fusion announced today that they are excited to take on their new partnership with Unique Tan, which has five tanning boutiques in Orange County and San Diego, including California’s largest tanning boutique in Mission Viejo. This innovative company is turning the tide with revolutionary solutions to tanning that are beneficial to skin and wellness. Unique Tan has raised the bar with its first-rate tanning solutions that are anti-aging, improve skin health, and reduce wrinkles.

As the premiere chain of “bronzing boutiques” in Southern California, Unique Tan lives up to its name with a first class, Smart Tan certified staff, educated on exclusive spray tanning solutions and cutting edge technology that has changed the world of tanning.  It’s no wonder that stars from the hit television shows “The Hills” and “The Real Housewives of Orange County” are regulars at Unique Tan.   

For those bathing beauties out there, Unique Tan solutions and products rejuvenate a nd invigorate the skin while providing that beautiful bronze that the Southern California socialites crave.  Owner Sherry Lee Meredith is most proud of her groundbreaking aloe vera based, UV-free “Unique Excellence” solution that provides a gentle, moisturizing effect along with anti-aging collagen that reduces lines and wrinkles. Who says you can’t have it all? For those looking to get some therapeutic time and some much needed Vitamin D, Unique Tan has an array of European tanning beds designed for comfort and effectiveness, including two of only five Sunboard XTT beds in California.

TLK Fusion has partnered with Unique Tan to take it to the next level. “I knew TLK Fusion was special,” says Sherry Lee Meredith, “Knowing that its representatives are passionate about us builds the best kind of confidence. The reciprocal confidence I share with the team at TLK Fusion means that I never have to doubt that they have my best interests at heart. I trust that their enthusiasm and sincere faith in me will ensure that my products and services come through in every interaction they have on my behalf.”

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Unique Tan is the premier chain of bronzing boutiques in Southern California, featuring exquisite environments and highly sought after European tanning equipment. Offering an array of high end yet affordable tanning solutions that are anti-aging, Unique Tan is leading the way to healthier looking skin. With Smart Tan certified employees and first class customer service, the experience at Unique Tan is the definition of tanning luxury.

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TLK Fusion Entertainment is a marketing firm that focuses on enhancing brands through the power of celebrity endorsements, charity alignments, media placement, and premier events. TLK has taken the meaning of “Strategic Partnerships” to a whole new level by fusing brands they work with to respected celebrities and well-known charities. TLK has developed a formula that serves up a 3-dimensional marketing strategy that has proven successful time and time again. TLK Fusion is brand consulting at its best, offering and delivering a 360 package: imaging/branding, marketing, product placement, and public relations. By strategically aligning brands, artists, and charities, through the fusion of powerful and creative people, TLK Fusion is producing results that are positively impacting people’s lives.


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