Tobii Technology Awarded the SIME Grand Prize 2010

Tobii Technology was awarded the prestigious SIME Grand Prize 2010. SIME, northern Europe’s largest Internet and digital business opportunity event, handed out the SIME prizes on Thursday evening, November 18, 2010.

Tobii Technology was the jury’s overall favorite and received the Grand Prize for being the company with the most innovative technology concept or online consumer offering. Tobii’s ability to show impressive year-to-year growth and its strong potential to become an extremely large corporation were also instrumental in convincing the judges.

Sven Chetkovich, CFO at Tobii Technology, participated in the event and commented,

“The SIME Awards originated in 1996 and are today a prominent influence in the world of IT, Internet and technology. Last year’s Grand Prize went to Apple iPhone, and other high-achieving companies like Spotify and MySQL have been recognized for their achievements. It is therefore a tremendous honor for us at Tobii to receive this award.”

SIME Awards salute those entrepreneurs and companies in the Internet industry who demonstrate exceptional innovativeness and growth. The jury has selected companies that can be sound role models and sources of inspiration for other Nordic online businesses.

Tobii cinched third place in the category Rising Star of the North in 2009.

About SIME

SIME is northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities, organizing events in Helsinki, Stockholm, Barcelona, and, for the first time, in San Francisco.  SIME brings together top executives, marketing professionals, aficionados and members of the press. SIME is about how digital opportunities can convert to new business, a better world and a lot of fun.

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For more information, please contact:
Sven Chetkovich, CFO, Tobii Technology
Mobile: +46 (0)70 558 39 19

Sara Hyléen, Corporate Marketing Manager, Tobii Technology
Mobile: +46 (0)709-16 16 41

About Us

Tobii Technology is the global market leader in eye tracking and eye control. This technology makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking. Our products are widely used within scientific research and in commercial market research and usability studies, as well as by disabled people as a means to communicate. Today Tobii contributes with a wide range of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) products. Tobii’s mission is to bring eye tracking into broader use and the company offers market leading eye tracking technology to industrial partners within areas such as gaming, diagnostics, car safety and computer control. Founded in 2001, Tobii has continuously shown very rapid year-to-year revenue growth, and have received numerous awards and recognitions for its accomplishments. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in the US, Germany, Norway, Japan and China. Our products are sold directly to customers and through resellers and partners worldwide.