TOMRA - Plan for restructuring of assembly activities

In order to improve the productivity within TOMRA's manufacturing activities, while simultaneously maintaining capacity for the German market opportunity, TOMRA has decided to start planning the closing of its facility in Heinola, Finland, Tomra Systems OY.

Current machine tests in Germany indicate that equipment needed for the handling of non-refillable containers will largely be based on technology developed and manufactured in Norway. Current demand for the products and services supplied out of Tomra Systems OY is not sufficient to support a completely separate R&D and manufacturing unit, and the plan is therefore to incorporate these products into TOMRA's R&D and assembly units in Norway.
The restructuring plan is expected to generate annual operating cost savings of 25-30 MNOK, and TOMRA will accrue 35 MNOK in the fourth quarter 2003 to cover the restructuring costs estimated in the plan.

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