Foster Refrigerator supply new eco-friendly kitchen at Kingham Plough

  • Full refurbishment at Emily Watkins’ Oxfordshire kitchen
  • Foster Coldstores EcoPro Ultra Low Energy model to complete Watkins’ Green Project
  • Foster dealer, Target Catering Equipment design doubles space in environmentally focused build

Foster Refrigerator’s award winning EcoPro G2 range and a Foster EcoPro Ultra Low Energy Coldstore have been chosen for their environmental credentials to feature in a new kitchen at Emily Watkins’ refurbished Kingham Plough on the edge of the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding beauty.

This new “Green Project” at the Chipping Norton venue, which opened early this month, is the brainchild of Chef Proprietor, Emily Watkins, who has designed the new kitchen to be as environmentally friendly as possible, including three award winning Foster EcoPro G2 refrigerators, and a Foster EcoPro Ultra Low Energy Coldstore.

The decision to refurbish the kitchen, which was first installed in 2008, was taken on the back of the popularity of the restaurant, which now sees three chefs working in a tight space.  With a brief to create more space, in an environmentally friendly way, Foster dealer, Target Catering Equipment worked with Watkins and chose Foster products to provide back-of-house refrigeration.

Emily Watkins said: “The redesign will provide the kitchen team with twice the current space for cooking, extra shelving, storage, more prep areas and by moving the existing walk-in cold store and replacing it with a new Foster Coldstores EcoPro Ultra Low Energy model, the team have also created a secondary cook space for pastry and larder sections.”

What-is-more, the redesign has been carefully considered to ensure it is efficient from an environmental and economic point of view, so that it supports part of Emily Watkins’ ”Green Project” - a vision for the Kingham Plough to be as sustainable as possible.

Watkins said: “The kitchen refurbishment has carefully incorporated the need for lower energy usage – for helping the environment and lowering energy consumption – by including induction hobs, water conserving dishwashers and energy saving refrigeration.”

The EcoPro Ultra Low Energy from Foster Coldstores has a wealth of features designed to save energy, and overall running costs, including an insulated strip curtain, which acts as a thermal barrier between the external temperature and the internal cooled temperature when the door is opened.  The thermal curtain has vision panels, so users can still see into and out of the coldstore, to avoid collisions. 

The EcoPro Ultra Low Energy coldstore also includes a low energy micro channel condenser unit with an electronic controller to optimise the running pattern of the unit, low energy evaporators and door closure assist to help close the door in the final stage of shutting – the last 30 degrees, ensuring doors are not left partially open after deliveries, again reducing energy consumption.

Samuel Devitt, from Foster Coldstores, said: “We were thrilled to be asked to be part of this exciting refurbishment, which is a perfect fit for the new EcoPro Ultra Low Energy model from Foster Coldstores, which has been designed to save customers money on long-term energy costs, which is a key consideration with such large units as cold rooms.”

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