• Three new DAF XF Euro 6 tanker and curtainsider with drawbar trailers are more responsive, efficient and manoeuvrable for Airedale Chemical deliveries
  • All vehicles specified to be compliant with strict ADR (European Agreement for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) regulations
  • Good MPG and driver performance scores achieved by three new DAF XF
    Euro 6 result in order for two more for Airedale Chemical bulk delivery fleet
  • Competitive parts costs and a long, successful commercial relationship with DAF results in 11 of 17 vehicles being DAF on Airdale Chemical’s fleet
  • New DAF XF designed for maximum efficiency with new PACCAR Euro 6 compliant engines, new chassis and new interior and exterior design

For improved manoeuvrability, greater responsiveness and more efficient logistics, one of the UK’s leading chemical manufacturers and distributors, Airedale Chemical (, chose drawbar trailers for the three new DAF XF Euro 6 trucks which recently joined its fleet.

One of the new DAF XF Euro 6 trucks has a bespoke tanker body for bulk chemical solution distribution developed by Crosslands Tankers in Accrington, while the other two have curtainsider bodies and trailers for carrying packaged chemical products.

This relatively unusual vehicle combination was chosen to make it easier to access some sites and to improve efficiency and responsiveness of customer deliveries thanks to the flexibility of being able to dismount the drawbar trailer unit for separate filling or unloading, while the other part can travel to another location or return to the Airedale Chemical site in West Yorkshire.

On duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and travelling 100,000 miles a year carrying 44 tonnes of specialist chemicals to customers all over the UK and abroad means a safe, reliable and efficient fleet is essential for Airedale Chemical to maintain its high customer service standards and often short lead times, with 11 of the 17 vehicles it owns and manages itself now DAF.

Each vehicle is fitted with a ‘driver performance’ system which monitors and evaluates each driver on how well they perform on MPG and efficiency. The new DAF XF trucks were the first Euro 6 models to join the Airedale Chemical fleet and have received such good fuel economy and driver feedback scores that it has already ordered two more.

Graham Bird, Transport Manager, Airedale Chemical commented: “We have a long and healthy commercial relationship with DAF that has provided a good foundation for the expansion of our fleet.

“We continue to choose DAF trucks as they are well designed with a nice appearance and have competitive ongoing costs with reasonably priced parts plus a good MPG fuel return,” Graham added.

The specialist nature of the hazardous chemical substances delivered by Airedale Chemical mean that every vehicle has a bespoke design manufactured to comply with strict ADR (European Agreement for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) regulations. In addition, its drivers also have to be ADR trained. The vehicles were supplied by Lancashire DAF in Preston.

Phil Moon, Marketing Manager, DAF Trucks UK commented: “The DAF XF is well known for its strong long haul abilities and driver comfort, but this also proves its talents for bespoke bodies with trailers and for carrying hazardous loads.

“It’s also great to hear from another customer having a great experience with our new Euro 6 models, especially the feedback of strong fuel economy and happy drivers,” Phil added.

Like the DAF LF and CF models, the new XF Euro 6 range offers the latest state-of-the-art, quieter PACCAR turbocharged diesel engines with better fuel economy and lower Euro 6-compliant emissions, plus lower maintenance costs with service intervals up to 60,000 km. It also has a new, enhanced interior to improve the daily work-life of the driver.

More information on the new DAF Euro 6 models is available by visiting, calling 01844 261111 or via an email to

For further information please contact:

Martin Hayes/John Rawlings, Automotive PR           t: +44 (0)20 7952 1070          


Notes to editors:

DAF Trucks UK is the market leader across all sectors in the UK, from 7.5 to 44 tonnes. The new Euro 6 LF, CF and XF Euro 6 trucks are designed to maximise profitability for operators and provide drivers with the best possible driving experience, supported by a nationwide network of 133 dealers across the UK (including two in the Channel Islands). DAF is a subsidiary of PACCAR – the global leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of light, medium and heavy trucks.

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