New hot-dip ZnMg pot for coating extra-large automotive sheet steel

17 November 2014

Tata Steel, Europe’s second-largest steel maker, has integrated a new pot for the production of MagiZinc – an innovative zinc and magnesium (ZnMg) coating technology – into its widest hot-dip galvanising line. The DVL3 line, based in IJmuiden, Netherlands, can now coat up to 400,000 tonnes of steel sheet, in widths of up to 2020 mm.  By optimising the production process in this way Tata Steel will be able to better serve the needs of its automotive clients.

This new generation of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet is ideal for large inner and outer vehicle panels due to its excellent corrosion resistance and improved ease of processing in the press shop. Using MagiZinc Auto increases the corrosion resistance of parts by two to four times and reduces the pollution of the presses caused by zinc abrasion or galling by up to 25 percent.

“The new hot-dip bath on DVL3 allows us to manufacture the widest steel sheets on the market world-wide, while ensuring high surface quality and short delivery times. For the time being this line is taking over the commercial production of MagiZinc-coated hot-dip galvanised steel sheets for interior parts such as tailgate inner structures, longitudinal beams, B-pillars or side panels. From the beginning of next year, this will be extended to include the series production of MagiZinc-coated outer skin parts such as roof and exterior door panels or fenders", said Sander Heinhuis, European Marketing Manager Automotive at Tata Steel.

Tata Steel has developed MagiZinc Auto to address the existing challenges of corrosion resistance and press shop processing. This innovative zinc-magnesium coating significantly reduces and slows corrosion where paint damage occurs, due to the level of magnesium in the alloy. As a result the coating offers the same corrosion protection even when a thinner layer is applied. Due to its microstructure, MagiZinc Auto transfers far fewer zinc particles to the tools compared to other coatings during processing. This reduction in tool pollution in turn lowers the total cost of ownership.

"In addition to its superior performance in the press shop, MagiZinc Auto meets the demanding requirements of the automotive industry at all stages of the manufacturing process. To demonstrate the benefits this new hot-dip galvanised steel could offer in the manufacturing process of individual manufacturers, we have developed a service called TCO scan MagiZinc", explains Basjan Berkhout, Product Marketing Manager Automotive at Tata Steel.

“The TCO scan allows us to quantify just how much using MagiZinc Auto could save a manufacturer in terms of reducing the total cost of ownership. The first results have shown that the cost advantage of using MagiZinc Auto on just one component can easily total tens of thousands of euros per year."


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Note to editors:

Tata Steel announced on October 15 it would undertake detailed due diligence with The Klesch Group regarding the potential sale of its Long Products Europe business and associated distribution activities. The Long Products Europe business supplies steel rail, rod, plate, sections and special profile products.

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