Optimum launches Texaco Techron HD engine cleaner at ALBUM 2015

Bus and coach lubricants specialist Optimum Oils is teaming up with Chevron Lubricants to introduce an engine cleaning product completely new to the bus and coach industry at the important ALBUM conference.

Techron HD is a premium performance diesel fuel injector cleaner, featuring innovative and patented deposit control technologies designed to offer fuel injector treatment and cleaning in diesel engine buses, coaches, trucks and off-road equipment. Independent testing in a UK truck fleet has produced a fuel efficiency improvement of 3.5% - the result of cleaning harmful deposits from the injectors and returning the engine to near new operating efficiency.

Designed for continuous use in both latest common rail as well as older diesel engines, Techron HD is formulated to remove conventional deposits as well as internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) in engines running on modern diesel fuel which has to include a blend of bio content.

A number of customer benefits are possible:

• Advanced formulation helps restore engine power and acceleration

• Helps prevent harmful deposit formations fouling injectors

• Designed to ease drivability problems caused by indirect diesel injector deposits (IDID)

• Formulated to help prevent injector deposit formation in biodiesel blends

• Helps minimise harmful exhaust emissions

• Contributes to optimised fuel economy performance

Techron HD will not harm after treatment devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

For many applications Techron HD is recommended as a continuous treat engine cleaner and is added to fuel bunkerage facilities in the ratio of 2 litres per 10,000 litres of diesel fuel. However, a differently formulated version of Techron HD is also available as a one shot cleaner – a 1 litre bottle being sufficient to provide two treatments to a vehicle with a 400 litre fuel tank. Optimum is making both versions available in the bus and coach industry.

Optimum Oils is a highly successful specialist lubricants distributor which claims to serve around 40% of British bus and coach fleets. Its Managing Director, oil industry expert Cliff Thrussell, comments: “Our customers are frequently reporting loss of performance and fuel economy from modern diesel engines, particularly on intensive stop-start inner city applications. Uniquely Techron HD, which is available either as a one shot clean up treatment or as a continually dosed cleaner, returns engines to health and can maintain them at peak efficiency for a modest investment. This has a positive impact on both fuel economy and emissions”.

“We are hard at work on a programme to introduce our Techron HD product to UK truck fleets but have been seeking a partner to work with us in the specialised bus and coach sector. We are delighted that Optimum, a true expert in the needs of passenger transport fleets, is going to work with us and we wish them every success at ALBUM”, says Dave Spence, Chevron Lubricants’  Commercial Sector Marketing Manager.


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