Toshiba launches remote diagnostics for multifunction office products

Toshiba TEC has launched e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (ECC), a secure cloud-based support solution for users of the company’s e-STUDIO multifunction products (MFPs). Among the many benefits offered by e-BRIDGE CloudConnect are increased uptime with proactive device status alerts and remote diagnostics, reduced user workload with automated meter readings and JIT (Just in Time) replenishment of supplies, and enhanced stability across users’ MFP fleets thanks to remote health checks.

With no requirement to install software on users’ servers or computers, ECC can easily be configured for any Toshiba e-BRIDGE X and e-BRIDGE Next MFPs, and will then monitor and diagnose the health of the entire estate remotely. ECC handles firmware updates automatically and also accepts repair codes in real time, ensuring faster diagnosis and fix times.

Furthermore, it can also be set up to prioritise error codes that are particularly important for the user.

ECC incorporates comprehensive security and management for networked MFPs. It collects operational data, which is then transmitted over a secure HTTPS/SSL connection. The information can only be viewed by Toshiba and Approved

Business Partners associated with the device itself, which ensures a high level of data integrity and security.  It supports firewalls and proxy servers, as well as a wide range of configuration and authentication options, providing flexible support for the user’s security policies.

The device links to the Service Cloud using a standard Internet protocol via a secure channel. This method is very similar to a web browser connecting to a secure website. All device connections are logged at the device and on the e-BRIDGE CloudConnect.

ECC is powered by Microsoft's Azure platform which consists of over a million secure servers worldwide and has a $15bn investment in its infrastructure, offering peace of mind to customers who can be confident that they are using the best and most reliable service technology currently available, with technical support accessible in minutes, rather than hours.

Data collected and transmitted by ECC includes service configuration code and values, page counter data, error and alert data, firmware versions and installation dates, NIC configuration page, and a full backup clone file. The clone file enables remote configuration for disaster recovery purposes, but to maintain the highest levels of security it is encrypted and contains no private information such as user names, passwords, or email addresses. Another key security feature is that no image data from a copy, scan, print or fax is ever collected or sent by ECC.

Toshiba TEC’s new ECC service makes it easier than ever to manage and maintain today’s sophisticated multifunction office products, ensuring that productivity is maximised while costs are kept to a minimum.

Further information is available from Lauren Price at Toshiba TEC by calling 0843 2244 944, emailing or by vising the website on



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