Tourn is currently developing next-generation platform for Digital Marketing

Tourn is currently one of Sweden’s leading influencer marketing platforms, with a focus on technology and innovation. As the market is constantly evolving Tourn strives to quickly shift and develope it's technical platforms in the direction the market is heading. Now we take the next step in the development process by preparing to launch a new Tourn platform. This will be a platform we bring our innovations to a new level. The new Tourn platform will be launched for apps and browsers and with new functions that will take influencer marketing to a whole new level.

Some of the features in the platform are:

Profile matching - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
To get a good effect with a campaign it's necessary for an advertiser to invest time and consideration to plan the campaign. One thing that we have identified as an obstacle for our advertisers is to identify which influencers that fit your campaign's message, target group, demographics and pricing.This is something that takes a lot of effort to determine manually, but with the help of AI we can effectively suggest influencers that match the campaign. Based on our experience working with thousands of advertisers and influencers we have started the development of an AI. It uses ML to optimize it’s deductions from both historical and real-time data. This gives Tourn the ability to supply both advertisers and influencers with effective tools to choose and handle their collaborations.

Blockchain and currency handling
Influencers today are often global with audiences spanning over many countries.
This means that advertisers interested in an influencer can come from different countries and use different currencies. The platform has because of the global nature of the market a need to handle currency risks and transaction fees in an effective manner. So besides implementing common transactions using standardised payment-solutions, Tourn will also be using blockchain technology to validate transactions and open up the possibility of payments using cryptocurrencies. This is in part done to prepare the platform for the payment solutions of the future, but also to make transactions secure and to help large media agencies, spanning over many countries, to handle their budgets and payments in a cost effective manner. With the development of our own blockchain, Tourn will examine the possibility of offering customers the ability to buy a cryptocurrency through a so-called crowdsale.

Validation of quality
Tourn has for a long time developed systems that measure and assures the quality of influencers and their followers. The validation will now be taken to the next level as we make it possible to only pay for validated traffic, which can be both measured and controlled by third parties, to allows the advertiser to have full control of their budget and the outcome of their campaign.

The platform is currently under development, date for release of version one of the system will be communicated in the second quarter.

Robin Stenman
VD, Tourn International AB(publ)


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