INTERIM REPORT JANUARY - SEPTEMBER 2004 STABLE PROFIT TREND FOR TRELLEBORG GROUP During the third quarter, the Trelleborg Group continued to experience a favorable trend in profits and sales and a strong cash flow. Profit after financial items, before goodwill amortization and for continuing operations, rose by 36 percent. The profit trend was stable in all business areas with the exception of Trelleborg Automotive, where a weak market trend and increased raw-material costs for certain input goods had a negative impact on profits. - Net sales amounted to SEK 5,460 M (3,978) during the third quarter, and to SEK 17,383 M (12,609) during the period January to September. - Profit after tax for the third quarter amounted to SEK 137 M (165) and for the nine-month period to SEK 1,145 M (482). The participation in the profits of Trenor, which was divested during the second quarter of 2004, was SEK 52 M in the third quarter of 2003. -Earnings per share for the quarter amounted to SEK 1.45 (1.95) and for the period as a whole to SEK 13.05 (5.75). - For continuing operations, operating profit for the quarter rose to SEK 293 M (219) and for the nine-month period to SEK 1,033 M (706). Profit after financial items for the quarter rose to SEK 221 M (194) and for the period as a whole to SEK 804 M (633). - The period January - September for continuing operations, excluding goodwill amortization: Increase in percent: Operating profit (ebita) sek 1,333 m (828) +61 % Profit after financial items sek 1,104 m (755) +46 % Profit after tax sek 777 m (502) +55 % Earnings per share sek 8.85 (6.00) +48 % - Since the close of the report period: Proposal for restructuring measures comprising the transfer of tire production from the town of Trelleborg, review of the mixing structure in Northern Europe and certain measures within Trelleborg Automotive in Europe. The costs for the measures are estimated at approximately SEK 495 M before tax, of which approximately SEK 160 will affect cash flow during 2005. The measures are expected to have a positive effect on profits of approximately SEK 100 M before tax, with full impact in 2006. See also enclosed press release, page 17. Invitation to Conference call on October 26, at 16.00 (CET) on +44 20 7162 0188 or just use on of the links to the webcast: Contacts Bo Jacobsson, Chief Financial Officer Phone: +46 410-670 99, fax: +46 410-137 45 Mobile: +46 70-685 65 60 e-mail: Mikael Byström, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Phone: +46 410-670 37, fax: +46 410-427 63 Mobile: +46 708-55 21 69 e-mail: Viktoria Bergman, Vice President, Corporate Communications Phone: +46 410-670 94, fax: +46 410-102 61 Mobile: +46 708-47 57 33 e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full report

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