Trelleborg secures first major order for newly-developed hose system for deep-water oil projects

The Trelleborg Group has secured the first major order for a newly-developed hose system for deep-water oil projects. The unique system is the first of its kind able to cope with demanding deep-water environments. The order value is estimated to approximately SEK 100 M, and the system will be used in a major oil extraction project outside West Africa. Delivery will take place during 2006.

Following more than two years of development in cooperation with the international engineering company Single Buoy Moorings Group, Trelleborg Engineered Systems has developed Trelline®, a flexible rubber-and-steel hose system specially adapted for oil projects in very deep waters.

The hose system will be used for connecting a deepwater FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offshore Loading rig) to a CALM Buoy system.

Extracting oil from deep-water environments, that is from depths of 800 to 3,000 meters, is complicated work and places a completely new set of demands on the equipment used. One problem is how the oil can be transported safely and efficiently from the source. Due to the risk of collision, tankers cannot be allowed to anchor in the vicinity of oilrigs. For this reason, special buoys are used, to which tankers moor some kilometers from the platform when the oil is to be transported from the rig to the tanker. In normal oil extraction at sea, the platform and the buoy are linked by a pipeline along the seabed. For technical and cost-related reasons, that method cannot be used for deep-sea wells and consequently it has been necessary to use flexible steel pipes for deep-water prospecting. These can now be replaced by Trelline.

A number of the advantages offered by Trelline derive from the general superiority of rubber compared to other materials. Advantages involve weight, flexibility, insulation characteristics, resistance to fatigue and corrosion, as well as low-cost installation and maintenance.

Further information can be obtained from Trelleborg’s Senior Vice president, Corporate Communications, Mikael Byström, +46 (0)410-670 37, +46 (0)708-552169 or from Viktoria Bergman, Vice President, Corporate Communications, +46 (0)410-67094, +46 (0)708-475733.

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